Our approach to accounting 

Why Springfords?


Accountants are perceived as notoriously dull.  (Try being an accountant at a party).  Accountants know few jokes and the ones they can remember, they can’t tell very well.  Most accountants perhaps, but at Springfords we try a little harder.

Our 40 second Pitch

  • Accounting and company secretarial, management infomation, auditing and business assurance
  • Specialist tax and corporate advice; international capabilities
  • Wealth management and business planning
  • IT strategy and payroll
  • 38 people (five partners)
  • Each client has a dedicated account manager
  • Direct, open and prepared to offer an opinion
  • Located in sunny Eskbank (Livingston and Falkirk too) with plenty of parking and no traffic wardens
  • If we don’t add value, we don’t deserve the business

End of Pitch

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