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New LLP Tax Rules
08 Apr 2014
Under current legislation, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are regarded as ‘transparent’ entities for tax purposes, meaning the members (or partners) are taxed as if they ...(more)

Releasing Value From Your Company
07 Apr 2014
For a lot of entrepreneurial clients, their pension is their “business”. What does this mean? In a nutshell, they have always planned to use the ...(more)

Budget 2014 - what you need to know
24 Mar 2014
"I play bingo, and even call the numbers"- George Osborne   While social media has been caught up by ’Bingo-gate’, here at Springfords we’ve been focusing on ...(more)

Reading this could save you money
10 Mar 2014
"Any fool can make things bigger and more complex.  It takes a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." -Albert Einstein The size and complexity ...(more)

"The question isn't at what age do I want to retire, it's at what income" - George Foreman
24 Feb 2014
No doubt this thought has passed George Foreman’s mind on many occasions over the years, following his famous defeat at the Rumble In The Jungle, ...(more)

Dates For Your Diary
07 Jan 2014
Download a copy of our popular tax calendar for 2014 to ensure you don’t miss any deadline dates! Also, we’ve noted some other important dates below ...(more)

Just blew in from the windy city .......................
11 Dec 2013
December 5 2013 will be remembered for more momentous events but, closer to home, many of us were dealing with terrible weather, and the difficulties ...(more)

Pensions Auto Enrolment
15 Oct 2013
Yes … it’s coming your way!  A new scheme from the Government to encourage your staff  to start saving for pensions … but  you, the ...(more)

Green Cars
15 Oct 2013
It’s a simple fact that having a company car can mean your business and/or you will incur substantial tax charges but, with the Government’s continuing ...(more)

It's finally here .................. The brand new App from Springfords
08 Oct 2013
As you know, Springfords is constantly looking for innovative ways in which we can improve the service we offer our clients.  And that’s why we've ...(more)

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