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Blogs, breaks and buses

02 November 2012

It strikes me that blogs aren’t too different to Glasgow buses.  You don’t see one for a time, then a couple arrive together.  That’s certainly how it used to be in Glasgow, but a recent visit to the Second City of the Empire showed that much had changed in the time since it was called ‘home’.  That brings me on to my latest rant; something I’m told I do more often than I’d like to admit.

Leave your mailbox for a short well-earned break, even with a nice message advising all those who need your attention of why you’re not there and when you will be again, and you can look forward to a right stramash on return.  You do your best to clear messages before you head off only to find the mailbox has been fully reloaded by the time you get back.  That’s when various techniques are tried to clear the feet.  Do you start from where you left off and work through the messages chronologically as if you’d never been away?  You’re drawn into replying on the same basis … only to find that the email trail goes in a different direction very soon.  When that hasn’t worked, you maybe plan to start at the top of the pile next time to get the latest report on the new office coffee machine … but then you risk missing the colourful exchanges that have flown around in the interim.

It seems there’s no easy answer, but what came to mind on return from the West on this occasion was that maybe technology hasn’t progressed professional life as much as we’d like to think.  I remember working with a very busy London partner in the firm with which I trained and learned much.  In those days, secretaries and personal assistants man(but mainly woman)fully took copious notes of calls and passed messages to the not-to-be-disturbed recipient.  This particular recipient’s tried and tested approach was simply to set aside the pile of messages from his sojourn, firmly of the view that if the matter on which the caller wished to speak to him was sufficiently important, he was sure he would get another call.

While that particular approach is not necessarily going to feature in the Tip-Top Customer Service Handbook, maybe there is something to commend it so that we can all still feel able to leave our mailboxes from time to time … even if it is just to spend a few days in Glasgow.

By the way, if you’d like a recommendation for a pretty decent Glasgow Curry (even after this time, I still find the Glasgow Curry can’t be beaten), let me know.  But you may have to remind me.

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