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And finally for 2012

18 December 2012

Nowadays as advisers we expect to hear from our clients at all times of the day and night, with mobile technology having made us more accessible and available than ever before.  As we break for the Festive Season there are often situations that need to be dealt with urgently and during out-of-office hours.  However, we sometimes overlook the difficulties that some clients have in getting the advice and assistance they need.

From the Scottish Legal News:

A motorist has been arrested for drink-driving after he tried to use a breathalyser to make a phone call.

Bernhard Becker, 41, made the mistake after police stopped him for a random breath test in Coburg, Germany.

A police spokesman said: "We didn't really need the reading. There aren't many sober people who'd do that."

Becker was stopped during an early morning spot check and asked to blow into the device, but after seeing the officers in front of him - insisted on calling his lawyer to get advice.

The spokesman added: “He thought it was an iPhone, and was trying to bring up the icons on the display, and despite explaining to him that it was a breathalyser he was unable to provide a proper sample.

"He could barely stand so the result was not really in doubt, but nevertheless he was taken to a local hospital where a blood test was taken that we suspect will confirm he was well over the limit."

If you think you may run the same risk as Mr Becker and be unable to distinguish your mobile phone (of whatever persuasion) from a breathalyser, it may be better to leave the phone (and the car) at home.

Back in 2013.

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