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31 March and all that

29 March 2013

This coming Sunday looks like it's going to be a busy one.  It's Easter after all; this being the first Sunday after the full moon following the Spring equinox. Being the last Sunday in March, it is also the day on which the clocks go forward to enjoy British Summer Time. Summer! Who mentioned Summer? What on earth happened to Spring? So it's going to be a short Easter this year.

But Sunday is also 31 March. That marks the end of the Financial Year (the period for which Corporation Tax rates are set and other taxy things are determined). It is also the end of the financial year for many companies where across the land year-end stocks will be assessed with clipboard-wielding auditors in hot pursuit.

So, having put all the clocks forward, after marking Easter and counting your year-end stock, what else are you going to do on your 23-hour Sunday? You might want to devote time and thought to something else that will make sure the days ahead are bright and cheerful.

Coming appropriately enough just before April Fool's Day, Sunday 31 March is World Backup Day.  It is a date set aside to remind all of us of the risk of loss that we suffer in this digital age if we don't act to make sure we have backup of all those important things that we no longer keep in boxes or filing cabinets. It's the family photographs, the videos of the children's birthday parties, the letters, the emails ... the list goes on.

Apparently only 1 in 4 of us has adequate backup if the worst were to happen to the home computer, laptop or tablet. And it's your smartphone too where there is more and more stored on the devices we are all carrying around with us. Remember it's not enough simply to press the 'backup' button.  You will also want to check 'restore' so that you can be sure it's actually there and able to be retrieved.

Paul Hutchison, our IT guru at Springfords, admits he has a hangup about backup. But he's right  - though we don't necessarily want to prove that. Paul is a great advocate of making sure there is a sensible strategy and effective plan to maintain access to important stuff. He suggests having a look at  It might be well-worth checking that out.

Happy Easter

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