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Budget Predictions: The Osborne Ultimatum

13 March 2014

B-day is just a week away, and the media is in overdrive, predicting what George will take out of your pocket and put into his. Well, so you would think. In fact, there’s precious little by way of speculation which is surprising.

While Kerrang! thinks Ozzy would be a better Osborne to run the economy, the hot metal press are up for speculation that the Chancellor will have to strike more than a power chord if he’s to produce a hit from the little red briefcase.

On 12 March, free newspaper Metro said campaigners with the backing of 100 MPs are seeking a three pence per litre cut in fuel duty. Well that’s possibly the most wishful of wishful thinking from the army of lobbyists and opinion seekers, out to use the Budget as an opportunity to grab a headline. Still, they may prove us all wrong.

Scot-Buzz founder and business blogger Bill Jamieson is hoping for the other extreme. He’d welcome a cancelled speech, since he believes there’s so little of merit that the chancellor can say this time round.

Back with the lobby groups, the CBI's director general John Cridland told the BBC he wants incentives for investors in growing SME businesses, such as further tax breaks for taking equity stakes to reduce dependence on the banking sector to fund growth.

No doubt there will be more speculation over the coming days but without being able to take a peek in George’s briefcase, it is just that ... pure speculation!

Anyway, you’ll be pleased to know that rather than queuing up for cheap petrol on Wednesday 19th, our tax team will be glued to the radio making sense of a whole host of measures in the Chancellor’s budget statement and the sheaf of stuff that goes with it, which will baffle all but the most attentive.

We’ll keep you posted.

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