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File your tax return - win a Ferrari

28 April 2014

Throughout the world, governments take a dim view of late filing of tax returns.  It drives tax advisors globally to distraction.  At least now though tax payers in Greece may have the opportunity to drive to the tax office in some style, if a new proposal from Athens hits the streets.

What would it take to make you get your tax return in on time?  Gentle reminders?  More gentle reminders?  A robust reminder? A really robust reminder?  A warning not unlike your autopilot issues, just before you hit the mountain?  

Let’s take a leaf from those paragons of tax compliance and diligence … the Greeks.

In the land of the Parthenon, Panathinaikos and Ptolemy, they don’t go in for dire threats of catastrophic collisions with mountainsides or due dates. They take a relaxed attitude to deadlines.  Could it be that in Greece, if you don’t finish a building, you don’t pay tax on it?  That must be true - just take another look at that Parthenon - five thousand years in the making and they still haven’t got the roof on!! 

Now though, the Greek minister for reform (yes, that’s a real ministerial post) Kyriakos Mitsotakis is proposing that all good Greek citizens who file their tax returns on time, be entered into a prize draw for a fleet of supercars - all repossessed from tax cheats.

It’s a brilliant idea - and we would like to do the same at Springfords to encourage you to send in your tax information to us so we can complete your tax returns – only problem is we don’t have a ready source of second hand supercars from tax avoiding, defaulting outlaws! 

So, here’s the deal.  Whether you drive a Porsche, a Peugeot, or Lady Penelope's pink Roller through the Peloponnese - pull over for a while and get your books up to date and your tax return information gathered together, just before cruising down to Springfords.

We can’t promise a supercar, but we can promise a broad smile and a happy tax advisor!

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Some news, views and comments about everything and anything, relevant and irreverent.

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