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Do Your Homework on Home Working

19 June 2014

Home working is a really busy life.  Have your feet not touched the ground all day - because they’ve never been off you desk? 

The Office of National Statistics, the UK Government’s care in the community scheme for obsessively compulsive disorderly civil servants, says in its June report that the number of people working from home has risen to its highest level since records began last century.  Well, 1998 actually.

Are you among the 4.2m UK home workers who make up nearly 14% of the total workforce?  That’s a remarkable number of spare rooms and under-the-stairs-cupboards-cum-offices around the country.  Put it another way, when it comes to home workers, think of your four best friends and, if it’s none of them, it must be you!

It’s not just sole traders and start-ups.  Big, big companies are increasingly encouraging their staff out of the company’s expensive offices and into their own cosy homes.  BT started encouraging staff in the 1990s to work out of the office - well, they could hardly say they were not on the end of a phone, could they?  This month, financial services multi-national Deloitte is giving all of its 12000 UK employees home working options.

There is a whole raft of life-work benefits to working from home.  There’s better coffee and the cat on your lap as you labour away at the laptop for example.  There’s also the downside...  of distraction .... from better coffee and the cat on your laptop for example!

Whatever the benefits or pitfalls, let’s not forget the overarching aspect of  labouring away in a home free environment:  it’s not free. 

Being at home is expensive.  That’s not the company's heating that’s running all day - it’s yours.  As for the spare room that’s now your office - it ain’t your spare room anymore - so that’s a slice of your mortgage that’s now buying workspace.  It’s what we accountancy types call ‘overheads’ and you may need to personally address them.  Be assured, when it comes to home working, our friends at HMRC have done their homework as to what expenditure you can claim against your taxable income.  Fortunately, so have we.

So, where do you stand - even if you’re standing in your dressing gown at noon?  Whether you’re the enlightened corporate manager, ‘free ranging your enterprise force’, or one of the headless chickens left to fend for yourself, without so much as a fire drill to interrupt your day, Springfords have the answer.  Our corporate advice team, and our personal tax team, have plenty of experience working out the right balance between corporate and individual working arrangements.  In short, we’ll crunch the numbers on whether an office for all, or everybody from home, is right for your business.

Your best  move would be to have a chat with us about the pros and cons.  We’ll have a chat with you over the phone or meet at your boardroom “cafe”  - whatever suits.

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