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Under starters orders for the Games and business

28 July 2014

Under starters orders for the Games and business

Glasgow has stunned health professionals with an astounding spike in fitness amongst the population.  Unfortunately, there will be a corresponding collapse when all those toned and honed athletes go home after the Commonwealth Games. 

For the next two weeks, at least, Glasgow will be the healthiest place on the planet. The Games have certainly put Glasgow on the map, and there’s plenty of effort going in to making sure that the Games are just the burst from the starting blocks.  The real benefit will be the returns on that investment, gathered over the long term.  It’s been a long build up to a sprint start for a long distance race.  Your business can learn a few lessons from the Games, and stay fit for the marathon - and we’re here to be your coach for the distance.

Keeping sight of your goals, pacing yourself, and measuring your progress - all good strategies for business ...

The Games will all be over in just eleven days, but business is an endurance event, as anyone on the seven-year build programme for Glasgow will tell you.  Good for you if you plan to peak like the athletes for this fortnight of competition, but if your business doesn’t have staying power, you’re going to end up out of the medals, out of the running, and out of pocket.

Planning, training and development.  As professional accountants, Springfords understand the need for this in business which is why we have introduced our new Springboard to Growth series of workshops to help you and your business along the way to achieve your personal best. 

Sometimes though, even your best isn’t good enough.  On the first day of the Games, and despite looking every bit the finished article, champion in waiting, and nailed on for a gold medal, Scottish swimming sensation Michael Jamieson had to settle for second place, behind his teammate Ross Murdoch, whose look of astonishment at his achievement will surely be the image of the Games.  “He’s done a personal best, he smashed it, on another day that’s a gold medal,” claimed a surprised supporter. 

What are your goals?  Is it a gold medal, a personal best, or a committed level of improvement?

If you want to breast the finish line tape, instead of getting tripped up in the red tape, talk to us to book your place at the starting blocks on our next Springboard to Growth program for a spot of podium standard coaching. The next workshops series starts on 27th August - click here for full details.


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