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Tax - it's all in the mind

06 October 2014

The right words mean a lot.  Saying the right thing, and saying it right.  It’s the best way to get results - and now the tax authorities have added eloquence to their charmoury...

With a fresh quill, and a fresh breath of inspiration, our friends in the tax office have taken it upon themselves to write to us, with the forethought only usually reserved for our nearest and dearest.

That trusted journal of infallibility, The Daily Telegraph, has reliably informed us , that Her Majesty's finest Revenue Collectors have taken on board the help of a team of psychologists, to help us all understand the great contribution we make to the future prosperity of this land.  They’ve been employed to help us make the connection between prompt tax contributions, and the contribution these make to all the things that make Britain great. Ordinary people who can do extraordinary things.  People who live on your street, belong to your club, go to your shops.  People just like you, depending on people just like you.

Listen.  You wouldn’t let your friends down, would you?  Of course not.   We’d feel mortified with guilt if we let down the team by not paying our fair share fairly, promptly. 

No longer will you get a reminder with all the subtlety of a dawn raid from the drugs squad.  Letters will be lighter, language more encouraging, words better chosen to make us feel better about paying and more guilty about holding back.

Let us know if you notice the difference.

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Some news, views and comments about everything and anything, relevant and irreverent.

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