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Love is in the news for Valentine's Day

13 February 2015

We wondered where all those February 14 newspaper stories come from, so we delved into the editor’s post bag to find out who’s been sending sweet nothings to the front page.

In recent years, the occasion-themed press release has been raised to an ironic art form all of its own.  Agencies compete with each other to put out the most tenuously linked stories and often they’re rewarded with a mention in compilations put together by main stream media.  Radio Four’s You and Yours programme has often made a feature of the phenomenon, reading the purple prose shoe-horned into stories and pummelled into a vague connection with true love and passion.

We’ve had a browse at some recent press releases and compiled our own romantic newsround.

First, a special survey by an animal welfare organisation found that six out of ten women across the UK think men who own cats are more caring, making them more appealing as a partner.  That’s good news if you’re male, and fond of felines as well as femmes. 

However you do wonder about these special surveys.  What exactly were the questions asked? If you want to prove your point about cats making men purrfect for girls, you could try something like: 

“Ladies, given the choice, would you date a man who:
a: is in denial about his halitosis;
b: collects plywood catalogues;
c: eats an exclusive diet of custard and cakes;
d: likes cats.”

By the way; all pr surveys are special, it’s the default minimum status for a pr survey.

Second, in a classic example of parking your press release in the lovers only bay, a vehicle history checking service warns against ‘love at first sight’.  That’s love at first sight when you buy a used car on 14 February of course.  The story cunningly ignoring the fact that the good advice is valid on the other 364 days of the year as well.  The three-page, 900 word, press release is liberally sprinkled with lusting after a smooth bodied cliche and being disappointed by a well-upholstered interior that belies how many times the old lemon has been round the block.

Lastly, a luxury destination website suggested some romantic places to woo your loved one this Valentine’s Day.  Romantic castles and stately homes feature high on the list.  No surprise there.
However, we’re not quite sure how well received would be their suggestions of a romantic day in dry dock viewing the SS Great Britain in Bristol.  We’re also a little unsure about the intimacy of a flight on the London Eye - given that you’ll share the pod with eighteen other people. 

This is just a small selection – no doubt you will come across lots more  - as all editors will be looking for a way to your heart by passionately trying to find the love story which ensures they get your undivided attention on the big day! 

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