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27 February 2015

Social media channels for business, an excellent way to get help instantly from leaders in the field, or just another gateway to eternal unproductive damnation?

After a soft launch at the end of last year, there was a splash in the news just recently for Btube - a self-styled hub for creative talent to provide the sort of help and advice that both start-up and established businesses can use, for free.  Who could turn down help for free with all sorts of everyday problems?  Nobody of course, and before you know it, you’ll be finding solutions to problems you probably didn’t know you had.  The question is, do you want to change careers to become a full time internet browser?

You don’t have to answer that question.  Who amongst us, can honestly put their hand on their heart, and say they have never ever clicked through a few links that were not entirely relevant to the problem at hand - just because it showed up in the column on the right with the Devil’s own invitation to “these you might like as well”. 

There’s plenty of business advice out there online. Many of us will be familiar with established channels.  Take TED Talks for example. The wide-ranging series of lectures cover every topic under the sun, and address many business dilemmas into the bargain. Even the most cursory enquiry online will reveal any number of self-help forums, with a healthy crowd of willing helpers ready to dispense advice and opinions.

Who among us though is tough enough to limit ourselves to just that one enquiry when there is so much absolutely riveting stuff out there? Can we resist the unending temptation to follow the links to chats from the likes of Branson and Zuckerberg, and Michelle Mone.

What then the chances of success for Btube? Well, as an aggregator of existing content, all in one place, and a provider of new material pertinent to business situations everyone encounters everyday, it does have a lot going for it.

However, we are left wondering, as we’re sure you have wondered, just where all these leading lights of business and industry find the time in their busy entrepreneurial schedules, to sit in front of the WebCam - or rather be produced in a highly professional video studio - and give us the benefit of their undoubted experience and success?  Perhaps a Btube, or TED Talk, or LInkedIN forum, or whatever business platform du jour, could provide us with the insight into making time for making web videos.

In the meantime, sorry, we got sidetracked and followed a link or two.  What was the problem again?

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