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Smart Phone Holidays

26 March 2015

FOMO has reached new levels. Fear of Missing Out means that even on holiday our best friend has become our smart phone, even if we’re on holiday with our best friends. 

We already know that at least some of us will be packing our unfinished business affairs along with our suntan lotion and beachwear - and hoping that the three don’t get mixed up in baggage handling.

However nowadays it’s not just business some of us  wish to keep in contact with – lots of us also want to keep up to date with all our friends and family at home on social media.

Topdeck, is a travel company that specialises in holidays for “18 to 30 somethings”.  They’re people who claim to be older than they are until they’re old enough to claim to be younger than they are.  The company says it’s customers are always on social media.  They claim that the most popular upload from foreign climes is a selfie with a famous landmark in the background.  That seems to suggest that most people are paying hundreds of pounds to fly abroad and stare at the screen of their phone, so they can come home and see what was photo-bombing behind them - The Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Rio Grande, Nessie!

The average British holiday maker apparently uploads a whopping 27 images, most commonly from the beach, the hotel room and the pool – the modern equivalent of the postcard using social media. 

Some people are even ready to let the world know about their plans the moment they step out of the travel agent.  We don’t want to be alarmist, but that’s great news for organised burglars, who can start planning their own travels at the same time.  Travels around to your house while you’re away that is. 

However we do wonder that if you are constantly attached to a screen, keeping in contact with the office, replying to texts sent by friends and uploading selfies to Facebook then where’s the relaxation??

 Maybe we should all go old school  - remember that time before smart phones - and actually have a holiday, #leavethephoneathome.

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