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Are you smarter than your smartphone!

19 August 2015

Only if you’re smart enough to make more of it than the occasional call to Springfords.  Repositioning your satellite dish and keeping tabs on your incidental expenses?  There’s an app for that.

These days, if you don’t whip out your smartphone at the drop of a hat for anything from finding your way to finding a way to pay, you’re simply in the digital dark ages. Ofcom - that’s the government department that supposedly stopped nuisance calls and sunk Radio Caroline - says smartphones are now the go to device for accessing the internet.  Really?  (Clearly nobody from Ofcom lives in Kingussie).

However, with everyone shuffling down the street with their head stuck in their screens and local authorities contemplating making lampposts out of congealed bathroom sealant, before they have an epidemic of brain injuries, there is probably some truth in the finding that we have become a “smartphone society”.

If your website isn’t yet compliant with mobile devices, get it upgraded is the call.  We’re spending more time and cash online via our phones than any other country, something like £2000 per person every year. That’s a lot of spending and that’s a lot of paperwork, you’ll concur.

Given that the digital age is still generating more paperwork than ever, maybe that’s why Concur is called Concur.  “There are plenty of resources available for you,” says a report from the digital expense management experts.  As we move into the science fiction world of waving our phones at a nearfield reader to effortlessly spend cash that’s never even crossed our palms, we still have to account for the printed curly receipts for everything from a coffee to a cadillac.  Which is why there are now a number of high tech answers to help you to overcome these problems.   “From mobile apps to expense management tools,” Concur concludes, “finance departments have a wealth of options that will help ensure quarterly or year-end reports are as thorough and painless as possible.”

Now, of course, managing your expenses with your smartphone would be a really useful timesaver, if you weren’t tempted while you’re at it to fiddle with Facebook and Twitter, play a couple of games of Angry Candy or snap off a couple of selfies.  A spot of discipline might be needed! “Why not schedule time on a bi-weekly basis to check in and keep things up-to-date,” suggests blogger Lindsey Patterson.  “Making organisation part of your workflow will help avoid the month-end rush.”

Sound advice from Lindsey.  All you need to do is set a regular alarm - on your smartphone of course - and all that paperwork can get swept away on a regular, manageable basis.   

The beauty of ever smarter phones is that you really can handle tasks like managing your expenses without firing up the laptop.  Fair point that you will endure squinting at a small screen - at least until holographic imaging or something like GoogleGlass is perfected.  Even so, with optical character recognition and QR codes reaching mystic levels of sophistication, you’ll have to do little more than hold out your receipts and bang out a selfie of your expensie.  The app will handle the rest and your claim form will be ready to download from the cloud whenever you’re in front of a screen more suited to a human than an Action Man.

So if you would like to hear more about the apps and tools around which can help smarten up the management of your expenses then give Springfords a call …. on your smartphone of course!

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