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18 September 2015

Zero to a billion in a little over a decade.  Those are the sort of numbers Springfords would like to see for you, but, on the Face of it, is your growth strategy and financial information booked up to it?

Remember the dark ages?  The days before our faces were all lit up by the ubiquitous glow of the smartphone.  They were just over ten years ago, and just over ten years ago a little dotcom start-up hit the screens around an American university campus.  Actually, it was just over eleven years ago, if you time hop their timeline - but who’s counting? 

Well, the guys in that garage in Cambridge Massachusetts are - and they’re counting into ten figures.  Founded in a broom cupboard in the back of Harvard, Facebook passed the incredible milestone of a billion users in the world, in the last week of August.  Not just a billion users you understand.  This was a billion users in one day.

Let’s think about that.  A billion.

If all those users stood shoulder to shoulder and the one at the end (it doesn’t matter which end) started a Chinese whisper - let’s say: “Psst - I just heard Facebook passed a billion daily users - pass it on” - what would happen to that message?  Let’s say this was a really well practiced line of whisperers, and they passed on the message once every six seconds (that’s reasonable - just time yourself around the office - you’ll see that’s about right).  It would take the message over a hundred and ninety two years to reach the other end of the line.  If you were on the end of that line, and got the message today - it would have started before the Industrial Revolution got underway - before Stephenson’s Rocket or New Lanark or Victoria met Albert.  How long would it take if they used Facebook?  About six seconds.

A billion days ago - there were still dinosaurs roaming the Earth.

So where were you in the age of the business brontosaurus,?  Have you been keeping abreast of the phenomenal growth of Facebook.  You don’t have to be as super-fast as Mark Zuckerberg and his chums (of which he has a billion - LOL) to still be classed as a high-flying fast grower. 

Where though are your growth plans?  Facebook seems to be coping quite well with bringing on new customers - and let’s not forget that’s what we all are in the end. 

So what should you do about keeping on top of your growing customer base?  Well, talking to us at Springfords wouldn’t hurt.  We don’t have Facebook as a client, but we’re pretty sure they keep their numbers up to date, so they don’t waste any time or effort in getting regular management information.  We’re sure they have their accounting and business ducks lined up like a well-organised timeline.

So, whether you’re a social media darling, or a dinosaur in the digital age, the message is clear.  For growth - take a leaf out of Facebook and get your numbers in order.  After all - they’ve no time for accounting administration.  They spend all day in the office messing about on Facebook.


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