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Tax Insurance

06 October 2015

Belt and braces?  Only uncomfortable if you’re getting six of the best from one, and get your dinner stuck behind the other.  Springfords say better safe than sorry. 

Some sorts of insurance are compulsory.  Don’t even think about stepping behind the wheel if you’re not underwritten up to the hilt.  It’s not just an expensive way to drive, it’s criminal.  Don’t think you can escape by staying indoors.  If you’ve got a mortgage, you’ve probably got a clause requiring a spot of insurance too.  Can’t escape at work either.  Most professionals need professional liability insurance - an expenditure of no small measure, and if you’re a tradesperson you’ll struggle to find a contract as an uninsured worker.

More and more aspects of personal and professional life are subject to insurance requirements.  Maybe life is just becoming more risky.  Maybe we are all just becoming more risk averse.  Maybe we need a “get out of bed until you go to sleep” policy - with optional slumber cover.

Now, it won’t surprise you that an insurance company - Aviva in this case but it could have been any of them - recently found that one in five small business owners worry they do not have the right insurance cover and fear they could struggle if they had to make a claim.   Aviva produced lots of figures to back that up - but we wonder if the other four out of five were fibbing, in case they attracted an insurance claim.

Lots of insurance is discretionary.  There’s only your conscience and peace of mind between you and a game of liability roulette.  Some people do go through life with the attitude that it will never happen to them, and some lucky people are watched over by the personal liability angel all their lives.

They never suffer a boiler breakdown; a roof tile never gets dislodged; an unexpected breakdown on the bypass at eight in the morning is always someone else’s blown big end; and it’s a competitor’s employee who severs the client’s mains cable with the mechanical digger.

Then - just as they’re thanking their invisible winged guardian - the letter from Hell drops through the letterbox.  It’s an invitation for them to offer up their life for a tax inspection. Angels one-five no more. 
This is where Springfords come in.  Helping you get through your tax investigation.  Obviously. 

Springfords do act like your guardian angel when it comes to tax investigations.  We’re a bit like a milk of magnesia for your tax indigestion.  However, until Aviva or someone else introduces one of those waking until sleeping policies, we’d have to recommend some of our tax investigation insurance cover, to offset the cost of seeing off those devilish inspectors from HMRC.

It’s discretionary, but if your boiler hasn’t burst, you car negotiates rush hour faultlessly, and the lights haven’t gone out just after your builders broke ground, maybe the laws of probability are stacking up against you.  Face it, even angels have professional liability these days - those flapping wings have a habit of brushing against the most expensive things - and if you’ve ever dropped a harp from a cloud over a built up area - well - you’ll know you shouldn’t  go fluttering off to St Peter unless your guardian’s policy is up to archangel levels of cover

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