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Great British Undiscovered Talent

16 October 2015

Congratulations to Nadiya Hussain, who recently discovered she’s a great baker.  She’s soon going to discover she’s plenty other things too - TV star, in-demand celebrity, probably author.  What other unbaked aptitudes might be waiting to rise from the back shelf?

Have you got any undiscovered talents, just waiting to flourish?  Chances are, you’re already doing plenty more than the daily grind demands.  So why not reappraise yourself and upgrade that self-esteem.  Time to add those ingredients to your own recipe.

Hobbies and interests, previous job skills - they’re all there, waiting for you to blend them into your repertoire - and maybe add to your earnings too.  Don’t forget to mix in all that stuff you do for free.  At Springfords we are always meeting people who do extraordinary amounts of voluntary stuff, and don’t realise how much it costs them to dish out such generous portions of their spare time and effort.

Which is where Nadiya comes to mind.  What’s next for her and her iced buns?  TV personality for sure - at least for the next few weeks.  Speaking engagements are certainly on the menu.  There’ll be demands from friends and associates, who’ll surely see her in a new light - or maybe just be reminded that she’s there.  That’s going to lead to lots of stuff - interviews, classes, openings, who knows what.  The Leeds housewife turned national TV baking superstar is probably already on the verge of a writing deal - and certainly being written about.

All that attention will be fantastic fun.  Nadiya will probably have a sore jaw from smiling.  Soon she’ll be sore all over from dashing from pillar to post, answering all these demands.  So here’s a little cautionary word or two.  

It’s all very well being in the limelight, but the limelight has a habit of moving on, and leaving you to pick up the tab.  So, while the milk of human kindness flows generously in the next few weeks, don’t forget that the bill has to be paid.  All that time and effort is, well, time and effort.  You may not feel comfortable about charging your friends and family - but if the odd garden fete here and the odd interview there turns into an all-consuming whirlwind of engagements based on your new-found success or notoriety, that’s going to make a big dent in your own earnings.  It’s perfectly reasonable to make sure you’re at least not out of pocket.

The same goes for all that stuff you do anyway.  Never mind that there are no TV cameras there filming it all.  You don’t have to win a national televised competition in front of twelve million viewers to find your life changing in ways that impact on your daily routine - and your earnings. 

Your hobby might be something that makes you useful to your friends and family, and maybe colleagues too.  Maybe your interest in computers or cars makes you popular in the office or the neighbourhood.  After all, a shout out to you is cheaper than a call out to IT or a trip to the main dealer.

You might not need an agent and a management company like Nadiya certainly will, but you could do well to think again about how your other skills are cooking up a nice little side-dish for you.  Maybe even a whole new main course, one day.  If you’ve never given it any thought - don’t worry - we have.  Come and have a chat.  We might even have some home made iced buns over coffee.

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