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One door closes ...

22 October 2015

Setting up a new business can be a leap into the unknown.  Whether you’ve been thinking about jumping off, or just been pushed, maybe now’s the time to strike out on your own.  Springfords will help you get set up and get organised.

We might live in a country with more chain stores and homogenised high streets than ever before, but we also live in a country with more independent businesses than ever before too.  Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re thinking about starting your own business, already have, or are just morbidly curious about how the other half live.

If to you nine to five means ‘pm’ to ‘am’ and the hours when you might get some sleep, then self-employment could be the road ahead for you.

There are as many reasons for getting into self employment as there are self employed. 

Don’t be taken in by the glossy shows on television. Not everyone is born to be the next Branson or Mone.  After all, a goatee doesn’t suit everyone, especially Michelle, and we’re not all so upfront about our business plans.  Most of us go into self employment out of necessity, not choice, and most of us are unprepared for life without the safety net of a regular job and income.

A leap into the dark, with the added benefit of a certain crash to the bottom - just no idea of where the bottom might be.   There’s no safety net and it’s all pretty daunting to begin with.

Fortunately, we have the answer.  A bungee chord.

Well, we call it our Launch Pad, and that’s what it is, and if it wasn’t for gravity, it would be up, up and away.  However, thanks to Isaac Newton, who really should have been an accountant, it’s basically an elastic rope tied to your ankle, which helps you rebound before your embryonic enterprise suffers a splat on the unforgiving floor of first time failure.

So what can we do to help you bounce back from your first experience of business on your own? 

First - you’re not on your own - we’re right there with plenty of help - and old mattresses and cardboard boxes - so your self employment stunt goes as planned and doesn’t get panned.

We’ll help you get set up, operating and supported and, after the ups and downs - and some more ups and downs, we’ll help you get those first year accounts filed.

So, over to you.  Early starts and late nights; over worked and under rewarded … at least to begin with!   It’s all hard work on your own - but you never were cut out for the nine to five, were you?

You can find out more about out our Launch Pad right here

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