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For richer for poorer

30 November 2015

It’s a marriage made in heaven.  At least it is for the tax man, since a subtle change in the allowances has slipped under the radar and the chancellor’s little dowry has gone unnoticed by nine out of ten couples.

Time for a spot of marriage counselling from the wedding planners at Springfords.  The chancellor has concealed a little gift, hidden under the monogrammed napkins and the fondue set at the bottom of the trousseau.

Now, when the happy couple step up to the altar, we all await those all-important words.  No, not them - these: “Does anyone here know any just cause or impediment?”  It’s always the Springfords guest who jumps up and says: “Yes!  They don’t know about the change in tax legislation, they’re missing out on a yearly allowance for married couples!”

Now, it may not be much in the grand scheme of things - but it’s a few minutes work for an annual return of over £200.  That’s got to be a good return for your investment of time.  We’ll save you a few seconds more - just follow this link:

Already you can consider yourself among the elite.  Less than one in twelve couples have actually followed up this allowance and claimed their due entitlement. 

This allowance is proving a real embarrassment to the chancellor.  George Osborne made such a song and wedding dance about it that he really needs everyone to take it up, otherwise his grandiose speech about putting money in the pocket of every couple is going to trip on its tails on the way up the aisle.

Of course, you could ask Springfords to be your taxation best man and  bridesmaid.  We won’t lose the ring or drop the bouquet.  What we will do is check you’re claiming all you’re entitled to; do your tax return for you; and probably cry when you exchange rings.  Sorry, we don’t do speeches or table plans.

There are nearly four million couples out there - marriages and civil partnerships - who are not yet claiming their just rewards.  Even with such a slow take up, HMRC are struggling to cope with applications.  Questions have been raised in The House about the ability of the tax authorities to process every claim yet to be made.

So, take a spot of marriage guidance from Springfords.  Get your claim on track as soon as possible.  We’re here to help.  The next time someone says: “Do you claim all you’re all entitled to in this relationship?”  You’re answer can be one you’ve given before: “Yes, I do.”

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