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Job Security

08 December 2015

The swirling currents of the workplace means the job on which you set sail may not be the one you dock with at the end of your working voyage. 

Not many candlestick makers these days, and butchers and bakers are not as common as they once were.  Well, actually, they are.  You can still get a choosey cheese cake or a choice cut from your local purveyor, it’s just that they’ve moved to specialist boutiques or are  in-house at superstores up and down the land.  Then again, back when you could have a bespoke holder for your waxy yankee crafted on any corner, there were not too many software engineers or electronics superstores down the average high street.

The point is, that while professions like tinker, tailor, soldier, spy may be in decline, John le Carré could easily write a sequel called consultant, consultant, consultant, lecturer.  Less poetically, they could be business (consultant), computer (consultant), surgical (consultant) and teacher.  As Britain’s economy continues to shift away from base industry and mass manufacturing, there’s an inexorable shift away from the careers of labour and a continuing evolution towards the white collar work of the 21st century. 

Today’s manufacturing base is more sophisticated and better educated than at any time in history.  British engineers are in high demand across the world, making a university qualified engineer one of the most head-hunted individuals in the country.  Any engineer that walks past a recruitment firm runs the risk of kidnap and press-ganging.  Well, almost.

This demand is partly due to the availability of superb teaching in the UK.  It’s the world-wide appeal of our educational facilities that keeps teaching at all levels among the most secure of career paths available.

It’s not just teachers.  From pharmaceutical specialists to psychologists, the value and demand for well-qualified professional advice and business support has never been in more demand.  There’s a frighteningly long list called the UK Shortage Occupation List, complied by the UK Visa Bureau.  Bad news if you worry about the ability of the current workforce to cope with economic demand - good news if you’re looking for a pointer on where to channel your education and career path.

We wouldn’t be posting this story if we didn’t have something to shout about.  So, of course we’ll answer the question: mirror mirror on the job centre wall, what’s the safest profession of all? Coming top of the list of secure career choices - accountancy is the path that offers the best prospects for the future. 

Newspaper commentary on the report, published in the Telegraph,  questioned whether or not current social, economic and technical trends might make a job obsolete, and considered the effects of automation.  The conclusion was that accountancy offered a high degree of future proofing - given that accountants keep up to date with trends and developments throughout their career as a part of continuing personal development, and that demand for professional advice and services tends to be recession-proof.

Maybe we’re less good at writing spy novels, but no matter what your professional choices, Springfords will continue in the years to come to write the correct script for you when it comes to advising on your accounting and tax affairs.  That’s a skill set that will always be needed on deck, no matter how choppy the seas of careers.

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