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When we like to party, we like to party hard

16 December 2015

Everyone should have a good time at this time of year.  It’s great for team morale and a great way to reward everyone for a year of hard work.  So, go on, go for it.  We’ll be celebrating at Springfords, and we’ll even tell you what aspects of hair (the letting down thereof) can be called a tax deductable business expense.

There’s plenty of advice out there, about how to conduct a seasonal office party.  Some of it good, some of it bad.  Here’s just some of it:

No Party plan will survive it’s first engagement with the party itself.  It’s a war out there, and it’s murder on the dance floor too.  So, no matter how much space you clear on the shop floor, you can guarantee that the moves the staff groove will end up colliding with the office equipment.  Strictly Come Dancing it won’t be.  Budget for breakages.

HR must be sworn to secrecy.

Posting compromising pictures on the company social media site sounds like a laugh on the night.  It’s is not going to look so clever when your prospective client calls up the page at the contract signing session in three month’s time.  Do the party posed company shot at the beginning of the evening.  Then confiscate the smart phones.  Change the passwords to Facebook as well.

The hand book of good business says Christmas parties are not compulsory.  They are.

Productivity will be at an all time low on the day after the party.  Avoid this by holding your party on a Friday night, unless of course you’re a football club or the TV production crew for Saturday Kitchen.  Don’t be too hard on yourselves though.  No matter how exuberant your celebrations and no matter how far below par you are the next day, rest assured that Europe has closed down until about February, so you’ll still have recovered weeks ahead of any continental clients.

A good Secret Santa leaves no clues, but if you are leaving something out for us, we like warm milk and chocolate chip cookies best of all...

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