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New Year New You New Resolutions

05 January 2016

At Springfords we believe in taking a lesson or two from life.  So what lessons have we all learned this year that we can resolve to take into 2016. 

Disruption, disruption, disruption.  Especially if your public transport journey would have included the Forth Road Bridge, or our shiny new Borders Railway, or the Edinburgh Bypass, or the Glasgow M8, or any of the dozens of transport pinch points around Scotland.  So, let our first resolution be to cope with traffic jams and train delays. 

Leave a little earlier, and have that breakfast beverage at the office, or in the local coffee shop, and get to work refreshed, not stressed.  Make it an independent coffee shop, because we’re all aiming to be supporting small business in 2016 - we just won’t forget that some of the big chains are often made up of franchise operations, so they’re small businesses as well.

Coffee chains and computer giants. Those were the tax-free profit scandals we mentioned back in February.  That was about the same time as HMRC was billing a pensioner for £5bn by mistake.  So for 2016, resolve to double check the decimal point and don’t get egg on your face. We’ll do the treble checking for you, probably over a cup of proper coffee.

Have you got room for an apprentice or a graduate or a new team member?  If you resolve to grow your business in 2016, we’ll help guide you through all the ramifications, and we’ll be with you all the way.  Remember, things can change unexpectedly.  Six months ago we were reviewing tax breaks for landlords.  Now, we’re six months out from a whole new regime.  Stick with us and we’ll stick with you through the ups and downs of tax legislation changes.

Whether you’ve switched to working from home, or switched to an office, you’ll certainly be switched on to connected working through smart internet devices.   Make your relations with the connected world all the better by taking a break from the always on society - even if it’s just an hour at the gym.  Leave the phone behind.  Just think how exciting it will be, finding out how the world’s changed in that hour, and fielding all those ‘we thought you were dead lol’ messages.

If you’re not in the sharing economy just yet - get there in 2016.  Economies of scale are not just for big corporations.  Get to know the crowd around you and share resources.  We covered that too in 2015, and we’ll keep you right on accounting for your fair share in 2016.   Don’t forget the crowd funding route too - it could be the way for your business to grow - but don’t forget to talk to our crowd first, before making the big decisions.  Don’t get ripped off - there’s another good resolution.

Get geared up for the automated age.  The robots are not taking over just yet, but stay on top of automation - be that hardware or software.  Resolve to get your human-ware up to speed.

Don’t forget to take another look at tax insurance.  Excuses don’t count for anything in business, so get yourself covered, or just get the job done, whatever it takes.

Finally, whether you’re part time, full time, or all the time, make time to get your accounts and tax information in to us on time.  We know, we know: it’s not the first time you’ve made that resolution, but there is a first time for everything. 

Our final observation is that there’s only a fine line between a resolution and a wish of course …. and we wish you all the very best for 2016!

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Some news, views and comments about everything and anything, relevant and irreverent.

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