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The Home Commute

18 January 2016

Moving houses.  Your home could be making commuting worthwhile.

Springfords have some good news for those of us that brave the daily commute in order to enjoy the suburban lifestyle: it might just be paying us to do so. 

A couple of property websites recently reminded us that rising property prices in some parts of the country mean that theoretically your house is earning more than you.  Theoretically of course, because we tested this by asking several houses to put their earning potential on the jobs market.  Not one of them even got an interview.  In fact they all flunked out at the ‘willing or not to travel’ stage.

Unless you live in Howl’s Moving Castle, your house won't budge to take up a new job.  The only budging to be done is by you, moving out into Betjamin’s Metroland for a better home life.  Keep the job, change the lifestyle.  Become the very model of the modern moving professional, and move to the commuter belt.  Just like magic, even if your name’s not Howl.

Let’s say you’re doing a high powered, highly paid city job.  You’re living almost next door to the office.  You love the work, everybody thinks your the bee’s knees - that’s old fashioned speak for ‘cool’.  The boss has just recommended you for promotion.  There’s just one fly in the ointment.  That city centre pad two down from the office is about the size of a Borrowers hovel, and any cat swinging would result in a feline concussion.  You could move, to pastures greener, where cats carousel without a care, and the view is an unbroken suburban idyll, from meadow to high street.   It’s twice the size for half the price, but there’s the not inconsiderable cost of travel to work.  It goes from a ten minute stroll to a four-figure commitment on an annual basis.  John Betjamin never mentioned that.

So sunny suburbia on the plus side.  New found annual season ticket costs and precious time spent travelling on the down side.    It seems a straightforward trade, but now another report has turned that all on its head and says maybe commuter belt houses can contribute to the cost of commuting too.  Bricks and mortar may not be able to take up a new position as easily as you, but the position they’re already in gets more desirable by the day.


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