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Finance vs Romance

12 February 2016

When Valentines’ Day comes around, will you bowl over your beau with an extravagant gesture, or win their heart with a wily way around the romance of finance.

Nothing says “I love you” more than a going all out to impress, regardless of the cost, but nothing says “I want a divorce” more than a credit limit maxed out on a series of last-minute, ill-advised, over-expensive indulgences. 

No romance without finance, as Gwen Guthrie told us. Even if you’re hopelessly devoted to your loved one, don’t break the bank just to prove it, or you’ll find breaking up isn’t that hard to do after all.

So how about a divine dinner on the big day?  The BBC broke the habit of a lifetime in their recent report and went down the road of thrift.  They recommend cooking at home as a new romantic and economical alternative to a meal in an expensive restaurant.  More Bakeoff than Masterchef, but who doesn’t look good in chef’s whites, handling a rolling pin sprinkled in self-raising flour. 

In the BBC video, the Corporation says a night at the theatre would be a perfect prelude to passion, but shop around for tickets to get the most out of your performance.  Maybe the early matinee could work.  If it’s half the cost, take advantage of off-peak pricing, and you could be pocketing a spot of afternoon delight. 

Unravelling a few loose ends, Martin Lewis, the adonis of Money Saving Expert, gives some no strings attached good advice  amongst which is the perennial one: don’t leave chocolates and flowers until the last minute.  In other words, high demand items will command high prices at peak demand times.  Plan your passion like you plan your business, and get your stocks in early.  This shouldn’t be applied to Valentine cards, even if they are on two-for-one offers in March.

Mr Hyde, the lavish newsletter alter-ego of Shortlist free zine, says go all out to impress.  The newsletter says there’s a jeweller who will select the perfect rock for the perfect date for the perfectly perplexed partner.  Just key in a few personality profiles and let the marketing software do the rest.  Well, it’s the thought that counts. 

Thinking a bit harder cannot only save a small fortune, it can also mean more rewarding relationships.  If you plan ahead at this time of year, the only lovers’ argument should be whether that apostrophe goes before or after the last letter in Valentines … or lovers.

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