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Don't Hide from Backing Up

07 March 2016

Up in the cloud is the fashionable way to ensure all your business critical data survives everything, up to and including zombie apocalypse, biblical flood and catastrophic asteroid strike.  It’s also a good way to overcome more plausible setbacks like fire, theft and third party interference, which is a polite way of saying you hit ‘del’ when you should have hit ‘save’.

Traditionally, we’d have printed or written everything down, and stored it in a vault somewhere.  Lots of stuff is still stored like that.  Wills for example, and all those miles and miles of files in an old salt mine in Cheshire (we’re not allowed to say exactly where).

Something else that’s still stored in hard copy - very hard copy - is the law of the land.  Every single act of parliament is written down and stored away for safe keeping - just like Magna Carta.

In fact, it really is just like Magna Carta.  A recent plan to stop recording the laws of the United Kingdom on vellum, and save money by keeping them on paper, was over turned, much to the dismay of tender-hided cows all over the country.

There was a very real threat that to save several tens of thousands of pounds, the democratic decisions of the UK government would henceforth be inscribed on a couple of reams of essentials copier paper bought from the local shop on College Green, Westminster.

Now, we’re not suggesting that when you’re as old as Richard III, we’ll still need to refer to your own magna carters, but we do want to make a couple of backing up suggestions that could save you quite some hassle in the future. 

Ensure you keep your hard copy business records and tax sensitive information for 7 years.  Plus, make sure all those electronic copies are stored and backed up too.  Remember, if you think backing up is expensive - try not backing up.

It’s probable that you’ll not refer back to your old accounts and tax returns with the same wistfulness as the traditional family album but, at least for a few years, you’ll find a blissful wistfulness knowing that, come what may, you’ve got a copy of the vital statistics to keep yourself on the right side of the authorities.   

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