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Battling For A Fair Deal

11 March 2016

Ever feel as though you’re up against an army when it comes to battling for a fair deal in your tax affairs?  Well, officially now you are with the latest top appointment at HMRC. 

The Westminster government has appointed new leaders at HMRC, and there’s a military connection.  Accepting his commission as Chief Executive is the current Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defence, Jon Thompson.  In military terms that’ll make him Thompson, Jon, CEHMRC - or something like that. 

There’s no likelihood you’ll be expected to attend at the drill square in some bleak barracks, smartly polished accounts in hand, but there’s no harm in having your tax affairs prepared with military precision. 

We’re not sure if a tour of duty at the MoD in London prepares you well for a deployment to the world’s war zones, but it should stand Jon Thompson in good stead for parachuting into the front line trenches at HMRC.

That’s the chief of staff sorted out, and he’s appointed an able lieutenant to lead his ground offensive.

The appropriately named Edward Troup (we’re not making this up) has previously been responsible for tax policy and strategy at HMRC, and also overseeing large tax settlements.  Whether that means he had a hand in the likes of Facebook’s ground offensive with the HMRC, we don’t know, but Eddie becomes the Executive Chair - which doesn’t sound as comfortable as our chairs it has to be said. 

Will the new appointments turn HMRC into an army of conquest or an army of ambassadors set to pacify the troublesome territories of taxation?  With the military man at the helm, and the elevation of multi-national hunter Ed Troup to the top table, will HMRC adopt a home front retrenchment or a more aggressive foreign policy?  Is there a corner of some foreign land that will be forever tax liable?  Possibly, yes.

If you do happen to freelance overseas - say as an international armed mercenary - don’t forget your tax liabilities may rest with more than one country - even if you’re more concerned with income than “incoming!”

With the militarisation of the HMRC, it wouldn’t harm your strategy to be reinforced back at base by highly trained reservists, who know how to handle all the weapons in the tax efficiency arsenal.

That would be us at the Springfords logistics regiment.  We’re national, and at your service.  Stand by your beds and we’ll prepare you for inspection, no matter how intimidating the tax man’s new sergeant major is.  With Springfords on parade, you can be at ease at all times.

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