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In, Out, Schengen It All About

16 March 2016

If the so-called debate on the forthcoming EU referendum has drained your will to live, Springfords has the tonic.  Whether you’re for Brussels or Brexit, we’ll not make a Eurovision song and dance about getting on with business regardless.

The political in-fighting makes Borgias family values seem attractive by comparison.  Game of Thrones has nothing on the double-dealing shenanigans played out in the corridors of power.  Every opportunity for rational argument is turned into a political version of ultimate fight club, and even the audience of the Jeremy Kyle Show would be shocked by the vitriol and rancour.

It’s impossible to get away from talk of the referendum.  Everything from the Economist to the Beano seems to be lining up to take a stance - or in the case of the Beano, an upturned bucket to sit on in lieu of a fence.  That might be a bit unfair to the Broons, but the Osbroons, Cameroons, Corbroons and Strugoons all want to get on stage to do their party piece - either a verse or two of “We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place” or a rendition of “Stay with Me Baby.”

In the bi-polar, almost psychotic frenzy of competing points of view, it’s hardly surprising that most people feel increasingly confused. The Federation of Small Businesses has found that, like everyone else, there’s no clear cut opinion, given the confusion over the merits of either viewpoint.  As recently reported in the Scotsman newspaper, the FSB fell back on the market researcher tool of first resort, and the PR team’s best friend - they did a survey.  It maybe didn’t go quite as they’d have hoped.

The FSB findings were almost as confusing as a directive on the acceptable curvature of bananas, and head office probably breached the European Working Time Directive to come up with a coherent headline. 

Most of their Scottish members felt they might as well sit on Oor Wullie’s upturned bucket, for all the sense they could make of the respective campaigns.  More than half of Scottish small businesses questioned said they did not feel well informed about the EU referendum.  Less than one in ten claimed to be well informed.  The rest stood scratching their heads in varying degrees of perplexion.  Form an orderly queue for pondering in the polling booths come late June.

Some business institutions are remaining neutral - or not.  One such neutrality has prompted a well-publicised vacancy at the top of the British Chambers of Commerce.  Some mayors are allowing their staff to express their opinions - or not, depending on which way the wind blows their unkempt blonde locks.  Some have had more than their fringe benefits chopped off for speaking out, but most people still feel it’s a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

For the enthusiastic, there’s less than four months of impassioned debate to go until the June 23 vote.
Will it be the biggest shake up since Bucks Fizz won Eurovision, or will it be the biggest anti-climax since the multi-billion euro cross border switch-on of the Large Hadron Collider when they forgot to plug it in?  Either way, come June 23, along with the rest of the us, you’ll be Making Your Mind Up. 

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