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Last Minute Rush

14 June 2016

It’s that time of year when the sun is out and the holidays are upon us, and some of us really wish we’d started getting in shape a whole lot sooner.

Too late and too little time. There is a whole portfolio of tragically funny videos out there, mainly under headings like “When San Tropez summer break is two weeks away and all you’ve done all winter is slouch on the couch and eat pizza.” That one, or something similar, is a smartphone gym video of some sadly deluded dude hitting the cross trainer so hard she breaks the handles off and the machine falls to bits, as indeed does she moments later.

The strain of trying to cram six-months of diligent toning up into a frantic fortnight just leaves the poor girl quivering on the floor in a useless heap, utterly exhausted, battered, bruised and, if she happens to be Scottish, totally scunnered with the whole concept.

The more fitness conscious of us, and those just wanting to fit into that expensive beachwear bought in the January sales, know the importance of regular exercise. Note those two words: regular and exercise. As any gym bunny will tell you, it’s the regular bit that makes the difference. Do a little, do it a lot, see a big difference.

That’s the story with all those bookkeeping and tax administration chores too. If you regularly exercise your ledger entering skills and prepare that folder of tax related stuff as the year unfolds, you’ll only have a little to deal with, lots of time to do what needs to be done, and you’ll see a big difference, long before the year end sun comes out.

Now, we know we’re all just human, and when it comes to a less than riveting task like prepping the books and getting our tax information pack together, we’ll all do our best to procrastinate. Not even our dedicated Springfords team is going to try to persuade you that regular bookkeeping and collating of your tax paperwork is going to grow on you like a regular visit to the gym, but it doesn’t have to - as long as you treat it the same way.

Just like the gym, it’s no fun at first. Day one, and those weights may as well be bolted to the floor. They just seem impossible to move. They’re not of course. After just a few visits, it’s as though that iron is pumping itself, and before you know it, every bit of you that went south for the winter is starting to migrate back north.

It might seem daunting if you’ve let those receipts and paperwork pile up like a mountain of winter flab, but making a start is the best advice we can give.

If you make time in your day to take a little exercise for the benefit of your health and wellbeing, then do the same with those other tasks that need to get done. Whether it’s the washing up or a daily conference call, if you nail those tax administration tasks too, you’ll see a big difference in no time.

Don’t leave it until two weeks before you’re due to submit your tax return. Try that and you’ll be feeling as scunnered as the girl in the cross trainer video. So hit that receipt pile right now, and you won’t get cross training for your tax year end when life should really be a beach.

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