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Do Different To Get Different Results

24 June 2016

Marketing your business for free. It’s not too good to be true. There are plenty of opportunities to reach out without shelling out. Springfords say take a fresh look at your every day routine, and put your business in the spotlight.

It’s a welcome chance to glimpse behind the scenes at locations not normally open to the public at large. Curious enthusiasm may be one reason why Doors Open has become a worldwide phenomenon and, curiously, it could also be the inspiration for new ways to market your business.

Who, you might think, would bother with real-life events, when there are virtual tours from the comfort of your own desktop; and every other TV show is a kiss and tell from the airside of the baggage handling conveyor. Every business has been revealed at the flick of the remote control.

Sitting and watching are not real-life opportunities to actually get closer to new customers. That’s what real life is still all about. Springfords ethos is all about person to person. We believe in the value of showing you how we do business, so you’ll have confidence in us. Like you, opening our doors is something we do every day. If the opportunity to open those doors just a little bit wider comes along, we say take it.

If that’s a good reason to get the place ship shape and tidied up, that’s reason enough to do it. Tidy businesses run more smoothly, and more profitably too.

Put your behind the scenes effort into the public domain, and don’t under estimate the value of showing off a gleaming operation to potential customers. It’s a great incentive for your team to take some extra pride in the business, and show off what they do.

When your team - or even just you - has the opportunity to be an ambassador for the business, it’s a great, informal way to develop new markets, and warm up some great leads too.

There’s nothing more interactive than actually interacting face to face. All those public bodies and big businesses that throw open their doors know that putting a human touch on the back office, makes their corporate face seem a bit more friendly.

If you’re more comfortable with a front of house event - go for it. Car dealers for example often host showroom functions, and they wouldn’t keep doing them if they didn’t generate business.

If your business has that sort of presence, or already has public events built in to its marketing strategy, think about how you could involve more of the business and the team. See how much more deeply you could embed your public with your operations.

We know of a research charity that hosted a one-off laboratory visit for existing and potential funding partners. They did it just before a planned clinical sterilisation, so didn’t compromise the cleanliness of the lab. They didn’t incur any additional costs either, and gave their white-coated boffins a real opportunity to show off in their own back office. If they’d known how popular the visit would be, they could have sold tickets.

Whether you’re big or small, or somewhere in-between, it needn’t cost anything to get closer to your market, and say hello to a brand new one as well. Doing something different to attract a new audience - no cost marketing by using existing resources - is just smart thinking outside the box. Open your doors to bring in new business.

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