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Pokémon Go for Springfords Accountants

22 July 2016

Have you studiously avoided Pokémon Go? Do you have a life, or just a healthy regard for watching where you’re going? You’re immune. Possibly.

Do you have that feeling that your partner has someone else in their life? Have they been leaving the house unexpectedly, and coming back in wild mood swings of serene elation or utter depression? Have they been spending a lot of time in secretive communion with their phone?

It’s not an affair. It’s Pokémon Go.

Pokémon started as a video game, and is now like a science-fiction alternative universe that’s interacting through some rift in the space-time continuum and only people with special high-tech detectors (mobile phones) can see the aliens that hide among us in plain sight, as they invade our minds and subjugate us all for their unfathomable ends.

Crazes come and go, but given that the Nintendo company, the makers of the original Pokémon, has increased in value by billions in the past few weeks, we suspect the former is more likely than the latter.

You don’t need to indulge in everything that’s all the rage, but if Pokémon Go gets potential customers through your doors, then embrace the opportunity. While some exasperated property owners are putting up “no Pokémon” signs, many others are encouraging players in with Pokémon lures - a cyber tag that players can follow on their phones. In a stroke of genius, The Church of England has reportedly embraced the virtual reality craze, and thrown open doors across the country to devotees seeking Pokémon in the pulpits. Plus McDonalds in Japan have signed a special deal with Nintendo to turn their stores into “gyms” where Pokemon characters can battle …………….and have a burger and coke!

Maybe other businesses should do the same?

Should we? Well ..although we embrace new technology as it comes along to make our service top notch for our clients – on line accounting options and automised purchase invoice recognition software to name but two examples – don’t expect any Pokemon characters to be hiding in our offices anytime soon – we have enough real characters as it is!

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Some news, views and comments about everything and anything, relevant and irreverent.

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