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Sporting Change

04 August 2016

You’ll pay a lot to watch football in the English Premiership says a new survey. Well, knock us down with a corner flag, we’d never have guessed, and as for the cost of sponsorship and corporate entertaining at a match , if you have to ask...

English Premiership football clubs are among the most expensive places in the world to watch sport, says a study by one of those city firms that spend their time doing that sort of thing. Football for business can be expensive. Who would have thought it.

However, maybe the idea of something higher profile suits your business. So perhaps you could look beyond the obvious expensive football and rugby sports, and take a higher profile at a less mainstream sporting occasion. Horse racing or equestrian sports offer a good balance between profile and corporate hospitality. Bringing guests to a location like Musselburgh or Kelso for racing, or Floors Castle or Hopetoun house for horse trials, gives you and your guests a glamorous day out at a good location, with suitability for all the family.

For the adventurous, taster sessions in polo are a great way to see your customers and staff hang out and hang on for dear life, while wielding big sticks at each other. For the uninitiated, it’s a bit like golf with horses, and a heightened perception of mortality, and medical attention on hand. A beginner’s chukka can still work out cheaper than a comfy seat at a Premiership match.

Professionals say you haven’t lived until you’ve crashed a racing car. We say you haven’t died until you’ve crashed a racing car. Fortunately, at an organised track day, that’s not likely to happen. Racing cars are far too expensive for the owners to allow that sort of thing. You however can have all the thrills without the spills at a day your clients will be still be thanking you for, long after the lap times have been calculated and the champagne stains have dried into their racing overalls.

Rather than ninety-minutes of megabucks (an accounting technical term) your more intimate top-of-the-league sporting day out could be racing cars, riding horses or a whole olympia of participation or spectating.

There’s no need to be red carded or black flagged on your sporting occasion. Whether racing cars or karts, polo ponies or horses for courses, entertaining clients, or just good old staff outings, all have tax benefits and implications. Springfords can keep you playing fair, and out of the referee’s notebook. Medals all round and Chariots of Fire on the bus stereo all the way home. Just don’t ask us to explain the offside rule.


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