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When Costs Go XXL

12 September 2016

Waistlines. Wardrobes. Waiting times. Most things just get a little bigger all the time and you hardly notice until it gets to the point where that last button won’t close; there aren’t any hangers left; and the deli sold out before it was your turn anyway. It’s the same with business expenses.

It’s no longer sexist to be plus sized. In an inspiration of true equality and gender gap bridging, Drapers Asos are reportedly planning to introduce their first plus-size range in spring 2017 … and it’s just for men. There may be a fashion show in advance to show off the range, but we think it probably won’t be called the fat catwalk. That would be too xxxxtreme.

Apparently apparel for the chunkier gentleman no longer fulfils all the needs that need fulfilling. Special measures need to be taken to get the measure of the fullest of waistlines. You could be forgiven for thinking this is a bit overdue.

Research by Verdict Retail expects the plus-size men's market to grow over eighteen percent in the five years to 2019. That is worth £2.4bn annually in trade. That’s not just down to the extra textiles needed either. While all the major menswear clothing chains are talking about putting on the pounds on the bottom line, it’s their customers who’re putting on pounds on their own bottom lines, and shelling out for those oversized garments to fill their new, bigger wardrobes.

This growth, in every sense of the word, has crept up upon us, at less than four percent a year according to that research. Translated into the terms of a moderately trim waistline, that would be about one inch in forty over the course of a year. Hardly noticeable, unless you’re taking close account of your physical balance sheet.

Which; between trying to convince ourselves that our favourite garments have shrunk in the wash, or it’s just a temporary bloat after a blow-out dinner; is where this train of thought coincides with Springfords attitude to gradual spread and things getting bigger all the time.

When costs seem to be making profits start to shrink in the wash, and expenses have crept up a notch so that belt just won’t tighten anymore, it’s time to stop going plus-size on the budget, and start thinking about smaller portions. Without keeping an eye on your incidental spending, all those little extra treats start to add up. Slimming down all those little excesses you’ve put on over the years can make a big difference for the better, without necessarily changing your financial lifestyle.

Unless you’re in the rag trade, letting your financial measurements expand to XXXXXL to match the biggest male clothing denomination you’ll find on the high street right now, is just not good for you. You’d be well advised to curb your intake if you want to limit you girth.

Among all the numbers we run at Springfords, waistline is not one of them. We help with budgeting and monitoring your spending so things don’t get out of hand. When it comes to your financial BMI, our service is most certainly plus sized, and you can have your fill of that, every time.


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