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Ground control to Major Tim

16 October 2016

Astronaut Tim Peake went to incredible lengths to achieve his goal. What would it take for you to set out for infinity and beyond and launch your own business?

You may have recently been among the audience at Edinburgh’s Dynamic Earth venue, to take part in an audience with the starman himself, Tim Peake. Now that he’s back in the realm of atmosphere and appreciable gravity, Tim is spreading the word about his experience in space, and also his life journey towards making a stay on the International Space Station a reality.

Going for your goal takes time, patience and dedication. Those first steps can seem so remote from your destination, that it’s tough to even see the point. Springfords understand it can take a little bit of faith to see what lies down the road to success, that’s why we’ll be with you from the beginning, and all along the journey. Reaching for the stars may seem like an impossible leap, but like every other journey in life and business, it starts with a single step.

That must have been the longest of all journey’s for Britain’s one and only fully UK-funded astronaut. Tim Peake’s journey to reach the International Space Station took more steps than many of us would contemplate, and many of those steps were huge leaps in themselves. It might seem like the luckiest break of all time, but as he tells audiences around the country, there’s no luck except the luck we make for ourselves. It’s all in our own hands. Even when there was no firm commitment to putting Brits in space, Tim didn’t lose sight of that goal. A background in military aircraft and science gave him the foundations to move on, eventually, to sitting on top of a rocket and blasting off to space.

Now, you don’t have to be an astronaut to be among our clients at Springfords, but we do have plenty of people who have clarity of purpose, and are ready to rocket their businesses skywards. At Springfords, when you’re ready to go for launch, we’ll help with making that countdown as straight as possible. We’ve got the mission control team to help take care of the things that can distract you for achieving what you want to be.

It’s never too early to have a conversation with us about where your ambitions lie, and no matter how high in the sky you want to reach, we’ll help you find your own path to a safe and successful orbit.

Sometimes it may seem like an impossible task. Tim Peake faced a whole barrage of selections and eliminations, any one of which would have been an achievement for most of us. Still, he kept plugging away, for year after year, enjoying each new challenge and, when that final step from space capsule to space station finally came along, that last step was no bigger than the very first step he taken all those years ago.

When you’re setting out on your journey, it’s good to remember that you’ve already done the most difficult bit - launching. Why don’t you download our Business Launchpad leaflet to see how we can help you on your way.

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