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The Age of the Aged

27 October 2016

If the demographic of the nation is getting older, it may also be getting wiser. Do you, your business or your clients value the experience of senior staff?

Nowhere is the cult of youth more apparent than in the media, and specifically in the entertainment media. The BBC, once again, has been criticised by the regulators for allegedly failing to put enough older women on screen, and, in the words of Ofcom ‘not doing as good a job as it should be’ in its treatment of older women – Ofcom have identified that there is a gap in the age profile of its presenters, and that is a gap it would like to see closed over time.

Now, we all know that ageism is not something any of us can entertain in the workplace. It’s illegal, and with good reason. Ignoring the talent acquired by experience is a recipe for disaster in any sector. The best person for the job will always be the best person for the job, regardless of age, and do the best for the company in the long run.

A workforce that doesn’t recruit new talent gets older over time, and loses the enthusiasm that makes new companies dynamic and faster to evolve than older, set in their ways companies. There are plenty of examples - that have gone off the high street and into the history books.

Most small businesses get over this demographic death sentence by simply handing on to the next generation - be that a family member or a new owner - but that does carry the risk of losing the years of experience built up in the business by it’s owners.

There’s value in the experience of the people you work with, but it’s not easily measured, and it’s not exactly something you’ll see on the balance sheet. Of course, you’ll not see the folly of youth in the annual accounts either - and experience and folly are not exclusively the preserve of the old and the young respectively. We all come up with howlers and insights at whatever stage of our professional lives.

Look beyond the numbers though, and at Springfords we’ll help you see the value of experience, and how it makes a difference to your bottom line. Wise old heads, blended with the enthusiasm of youth not only makes for a great place to work, it makes a great place work well.

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Some news, views and comments about everything and anything, relevant and irreverent.

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