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Value of everything, price of nothing

23 November 2016

If ever there was a beyond the numbers subject, it’s the subject of value for money. At Springfords, we’ve long been associated with giving the best value service to our clients. Whether we do it fast, or whether we do it at a more relaxed pace, we always strive to do it right.

There’s a popular online meme about the three sorts of service you can have in life: good, cheap and fast. You can have any two you like, but you can’t have the third one. So, if you’re looking for good and cheap, it won’t be fast; if you want fast and cheap, it won’t be good; and if you need it good and fast, it won’t be cheap.

It’s a rule of three that can be applied to most things - including mince pies. Yes, the seasonal treat that you’d wrinkle your nose at outside the twelve days of Christmas, were independently tested by experts, and the findings were quite surprising. Many of the more expensive branded products scored poorly in blind tastings, giving shoppers who sought out the less fashionable brands a better deal all round.

It doesn’t matter how extravagant or inventive your Christmas TV commercials may be, it’s no guarantee of producing a satisfying savoury snack, with a threepenny bit inside. In fact, the highest rated mince pies were among the lowest cost, and the least glamourous retailers scored highly among the panel.

To even the playing field, the tastings were conducted blind, so no price bias nor expectations incurred by the labels, and the sample panel was broad enough to iron out personal preferences. One man’s mince pie is another man’s poison after all.

Applying the rule of three might need a little modifying for mince pies. They all take about the same time to prepare, so maybe make your rule to consume no more than three at a single sitting … and have no more than three sittings in a day.

As demonstrated in the mince pie-ethon, shelling out for the best needn’t always mean paying top price in the market place. The same goes for just about everything else including our services.

While we’ll trust you to make your own choices for pastries filled with unlikely combinations of fruits and sweet meats, consider talking to Springfords before you commit to something that might be on your plate for a little while longer.

We’ll be happy to chat. Come to visit us at this time of year, and we might just have a tasty treat for you. We can’t promise it’ll be a mince pie - but if it is, we’ll have put some thought into choosing which mince pies we have on offer to make sure they are undoubtedly the best value of all.

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