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Beauty and the Tax Return

08 December 2016

Wholly and exclusively for the purposes of carrying out your trade. It might be a good rule of thumb when it comes to what’s allowable and what’s not for tax purposes, but claiming for your face? It seems drawing the line takes a thick pencil or, on the tax return of one actress, a thick eyebrow pencil.

We read recently about the hilarious claim by an overseas actress, resplendent in the name of Nora Danish. We’ll forgive you if you’ve not heard of her either, but she’s just about the biggest star in Malaysian media, and, suffice to say, if she says it, a generation listens.

Nora complained that beautiful people were at a disadvantage because they had to spend a lot of money maintaining their appearance. The “not unpleasant in front of the camera” Ms Danish got into a right pastry when she said this should be reflected in how much tax she paid. Reportedly, she wanted her beauty products to be legitimate expenses.

Crumbs. It was like a red wet wipe to the red rag tops, and she almost broke the internet. Cynical marketing ploy it may have been, but, put it another way – as many of her internet followers did in no uncertain terms – she wants a tax on being ugly.

Some of the responses were none too pretty either. For us, it just went over our heads. We can’t understand the good, the bad and the ugly of perceived pulchritude. There’s only one standard at Springfords. Whether your nearer to Steve Buscemi than Daniel Craig, it doesn’t matter. To us, all our clients are beautiful.

Given the backlash to her comments though, Nora Danish may just now have a case. Since she’s unable to show herself in public right now, her looks may actually be wholly and exclusively for business use, at least for the remainder of the tax year.

It’s often difficult to decide between what’s a genuine business expense and what’s not. Stretching a point when it comes to allowable expenses is all very well, but we’d recommend against the bare-faced cheek of Nora. Springfords will be sure to keep you out of a jam, and you’ll be able to present a tax return at the end of the year that’s as pretty as a picture, no matter how much editing we do in post production. That’s a credit we’re always ready to take, here at Springfords

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Some news, views and comments about everything and anything, relevant and irreverent.

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