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New Year New You?

04 January 2017

Time for a resolution revolution? Now that the New Year is here, does that mean a new you? Do you have to change everything to actually make a change? Here at Springfords we think you’ll be surprised by just how much you can achieve, by changing just a little.

What’s the number one reason for resolutions falling by the wayside in the first month of the New Year? Could it be that they’re too ambitious? We’re all guilty of promising ourselves more than we can achieve - it’s the manifestation of the ‘I’ll be ready in five minutes’ syndrome. It could be that they’re just too unpleasant, and, when we get down to them, we find that the status quo is actually not as bad as fulfilling this odious task we’ve given ourselves.

It could be that they’re just a lot more complicated than expected, and the rewards are just not as immediate as you might like. Resolutions upset routines, make you uncomfortable, and sometimes get you ridiculed, and these are all perfectly human reasons for shoving New Year Resolutions to the bottom of the pile.

The first rule of realistic resolutions is don’t talk about realistic resolutions. The second rule of realistic resolutions is … well, you get the idea. A frequent reason for suffering the angst of a failed resolution is a mistake made before it’s even begun. Proclaiming your intention is just the opportunity the
dream-stealing ne’er do-wells, otherwise known as your friends, are looking for. An opportunity to condemn you by your own words. Open your mouth and that’s you committed to something that’s carrying all the baggage already mentioned - and we all know how heavy baggage becomes - especially if you’re carting it about all year. We suggest having a totally achievable decoy resolution for public consumption - something like giving up green smarties or always wearing matching socks. Meanwhile, you can work on your real resolution in private.

That brings us to the third rule of resolutions. Make them achievable. You don’t have to build the Forth Bridge to get over a little stream in your life. Take a minute to work out just what you want to achieve most of all - not everything you want to achieve all at once, just the most important thing. You’ll surprise yourself how little you have to change to make that one thing happen and, chances are, that change will start the ball rolling on all the other things you want to achieve too. Everything is connected you know.

The fourth, and most important rule of realistic resolutions is to remember that, sort of like a puppy, a New Year’s Resolution isn’t just for New Year. It needs looking after and nurturing throughout the year and, like a puppy, nobody will ever forgive you if you get fed up and send it off to the Dog and Cat home in late January.

Give it a chance. Persevere. Get over all the transient mess it’ll make of your life. Your resolution will grow, get more obedient, and you’ll love it all the more. To help you keep perspective, you could try keeping a diary, an old fashioned diary - which is a much better idea than frequent posts on social media. That way, you can keep track of your resolution, and enjoy the progress you make through the year - without boring the pants of everyone who previously friended you.

New Year is a good time for all sorts of things, including the January tax deadline by the way. So, even though it may be a bit late to make a resolution to keep your bookkeeping and tax records up to date for this time round, how about making a start from now, and come this time next year, you’ll have something missing from your life. That something will be that annual big pile of guilty paperwork that you can’t possibly get through.

Ah, and just think, it took nothing at all, every day, to make that big change. Now, isn’t that a realistic resolution worth keeping.

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