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Love is in the air

14 February 2017

Valentines Day, with or without the grammatically correct apostrophe, is all about finding the one that’s right for you. So, before you set off in search of the usual suspects, you may be surprised to find out just where your friendly accountant sits in the professional desirability stakes.

We’re a match made in Heaven, and we’ve got the figures to prove it. That’s the spreadsheet sort of figures, not our barrel-chested, hour-glassly-sashay-down-the-catwalk sort of figures. Springfords are ship-shape and Bristol fashion when it comes to having a discussion about your business over the boardroom table, but for romantic desirability it’s a couple of recent surveys that place the accountancy profession right up there when it comes to finding a life partner too.

You’d expect doctors, fire-fighters and creative rock stars to be top of the charts. Well, if you’re in one of those professions, you won’t be disappointed by the results. However, you may be surprised to find that accountant is the new name for a desirable date.

The survey (OK – we know it was quoted in The Sun!) found that the vast majority of people see accountants as analytical (83%), intelligent (74%) and with strong business skills (53%). Now, we’re not being sceptical, but the last time we hung around the singles bars and pretended to be trendy, none of our us were propositioned with the chat up line: “So, tell me, you intelligent hunk, how analytical are your business skills?” Even so, if you’re looking for someone who’s coming up on the rails and might just land a medal in the dateable stakes, dial ‘A’ for accountant and be prepared to swipe right.

Why else would Hollywood have poured $44m into The Accountant, which, in our opinion, is one of the best date movies ever, by the way. Popular? The producers recouped half of that in the first weekend, and have made a 300% return to date (not that we’re counting).

Springfords do seek to build a lasting business relationship, right from the start. What better time than Valentine Time to come and check us out and see for yourself? Now would be a good time for a heart to heart about your accounts and taxation affairs. We don’t mind if you don’t bring flowers.

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