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Old heads and new starts

02 March 2017

It’s never too late to make a fresh start. Far from bowing out gracefully, the nearly-retired generation is blossoming like never before. The over-fifties are turning into a whole platoon of self-starters. Old upstarts are the new start ups of the British business boom, and if you’re a would-be star on your trek to lead the next generation, we think old and young could be the perfect partners.

Thinking it’s about time you declared your innings and let some young all-rounders have a turn at the crease? That’s not quite how we see the game playing out, say a growing number of old-heads, who still have their eye on the ball, and an experienced hand on the bat.

At Springfords, we’re reading figures that show a national trend for silver-haired entrepreneurs, ready to face the best that life can bowl. They’re increasingly deciding that they’ve a few runs left in them yet, and even if the team doesn’t have a place from them in the batting order anymore, they’re not quite ready for the walk to the pavilion.

In other words, and with the umpire’s decision that we’ve already had enough cricketing metaphors, the older generation is saying that the company may be moving on, but that doesn’t mean they have to move out of working life. They’re starting up in business for themselves, rather than settling for a life out of the commercial whirlwind. After a career in steady employment, many would-be retirees are seeking to star in their own productions.

So if you’re feeling a bit tender of years to be diving off the deep end, just look at all those brave old buffers who’ve already made a splash. No matter what generation you happen to be, the message is simple: if they can do it, so can we.

So let’s get this start-up started up …. but before you do . remember there’s a lot of financial, tax and legal stuff to consider when setting up in business for yourself so an early meeting with your accountant and lawyer to discuss the things you need to be aware of is definitely a must!

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Some news, views and comments about everything and anything, relevant and irreverent.

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