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Fitness and Finance

31 March 2017

You don’t have to be a gym bunny to be a business body builder, but it helps to be financially fit. At Springfords we’ve been pulling our weight, and we think working on your bottom line includes working on your gluteus too.

There’s an old saying, which we’re going to appropriate. If you think staying healthy is expensive, try being ill.

Keeping your finances fit is what we are all about, and, for as long as you’re with us at Springfords, we’ll keep you in good shape. However, we’ll hold up our hands and say that we could maybe do a bit more in the physical fitness field. If you agree with our opening line, then you’ll agree it’s just as important to underscore your health as it is your wealth.

Pumping iron and pumping the pedals every lunch hour can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be that intense. It doesn’t hurt to encourage your team - and yourself - to put a spot of moderate exercise into the working day. Indeed an increasing number of our team take a regular brisk stroll at lunchtime round the block, and we don’t mean to grab a snack from the corner shop, either.

If you’re lucky enough to live close enough, you may choose to skip the bus, and walk or cycle to work, maybe even jog. So, if you can make it possible for the fashionably fit to park their bikes, lock up their running shoes, and maybe even have a shower to freshen up before getting down to exercising their expertise in the workplace, you’ll be doing your business a fitness favour too.

We’re no muscle-bound athletes at Springfords, but we know a few coaches who do crunches, and we do our work out keeping their accounts and tax position fit. They all tell us that a healthy workplace is a profitable workplace, and who are we to disagree.

There’s a whole litany of reports and opinion, and it all says that a bit of exercise pays dividends in your office - making your team more alert, more energised, and more happy with their lot in life in general. Even if you’re a solitary freelancer, making time and effort to adopt a healthier lifestyle can really make a career-changing difference.

For some inspiration, there’s Healthy Living - a government programme, managed by the Scottish Grocers Federation, promoting a bit more sophistication than the simple ‘five a day’ message. You may have seen the increase in displays of fresh fruit and less of fizzy refreshments in stores around Scotland, so now there’s a good excuse for that brisk trot to the corner shop, for some natural goodies.

“Encourage your team to eat a bit more healthily, and live a bit more healthily all round. You’ll see the bottom line benefits,” says the SGF’s quite-fit John Lee. “A bit of fruit in the office and a gentle nudge towards living healthily, it costs nothing if it saves even so much as a single day’s absence.”

There is of course lots of legislation that makes the workplace safe, but you can legislate for a healthy workplace too. The cost of sickness versus the value of healthy living is something that really does hit the bottom line. We may not be experts in nutrition and exercise, but when it comes to financial health, Springfords will help you recognise the value of investing in the wellbeing of your team and your business. We can all raise a glass - of fruit juice - to that.

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