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Charity Gives Back Too

12 May 2017

Give a little bit, get a whole lot back. There’s more than good karma in a generous nature. In business and in life, no matter how formal or spontaneous, you always get something out of what you give, although you may have to drop your inner secret millionaire if you really want to reap all the benefits.

Philanthropy has never gone out of fashion. Carnegie and Rockefeller, Bill and Melinda Gates; even Jon Bon Jovi and Bono - they’re all just as well known for their charitable deeds, as they are for big business and bringing down the house at stadium rock gigs (work out for yourselves who’s who). Giving something back hasn’t tarnished the reputation of many business bods. Many have built their personality foundations on their charitable foundations.

Being a multibillionaire helps of course, but you don’t have to have a inappropriately youthful beard and a Caribbean island to make a difference in the wider community. Many businesses, Springfords included, harness their professional circle to help individuals, communities, and causes.

Feel good factor, company morale, and general well being are all great reasons for getting involved in charitable works, supporting the community and lending a helping hand. Making a difference gives back both ways.

When it comes to outright cash donations, we can’t all be in the Bloomberg or Branson billionaire quartile, but we don’t have to. That’s only part of the benefit of supporting the community. Sure, there are hardly any circumstances where cash can’t help, but good causes just as often benefit in kind when business gets involved. Supporting something for which your team share a passion means they can help in kind, in time, and effort. Your business maybe has skills or resources that can equally be put to good use to help out. Maybe even your clients can be encouraged to get involved too, in their own ways.

If giving all sounds as though it’s getting a little complicated, don’t worry. At Springfords we’ll always help make sure you don’t miss out on any of the chancellor’s own philanthropy, when it comes to your charitable work – that’s tax allowable expenditure in translation.

Crowing, just a little bit, about your good natured side is entirely justifiable. It’s not just about the good publicity for you. It’s about offering as much help as you can to your chosen causes, by putting the weight of your corporate reach behind that as well. So a small charity that’s dear to the heart of a large company, gets a disproportionately large boost from a discrete mention in dispatches. The modest, or even no cost to your company helps your chosen cause reach a much wider audience.

Being accountants, and good at organising things, our Springfords Charity Committee helps raise funds and profile for a whole collection of good causes, spread across the country and over the whole year. Over the years, we’ve helped children's’ groups, health care causes, education and animal welfare groups, among many others. Check out our newsletter for the latest.

Most charities have loads of ideas too, just waiting for you to get involved. They’ll also often have publicity ideas too, which you can plug into, and double the benefit to both the cause and you. You can probably get started right away and, before you know it, that good karma will be circulating faster than a fun run sponsorship form. All you have to do is get the most out of giving. Even in the quietest moments, that little bit of giving will be giving back, and that’s really what it’s all about.

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