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Events for Business

24 May 2017

It’s easy to do a great event that shines a light on your business. It’s even easier to do one that leaves you in the shade, feeling disappointed. Here’s our take on getting a round of applause instead of a bowl of raspberries.

Marketing your business needn’t be tough, time-consuming and exhausting. Well, yes it does, but it can also be fun, rewarding and profitable too, if your effort is something that brings real value to your would-be clients. It’s time to step up and take the stage at your very own event.

At Springfords, we’ve been adding value for our clients, and encouraging new business as well, with a selection of meetings, seminars and events. Getting it right has always been challenging, but it’s also been interesting and entertaining. If you find that mix too, you’re well on the way to a full house, and to an event that gets you closer to your clients, and brings in new business too.

You can do so much with an event. It’s an obvious way of getting face to face with your clients and the curious. It’s a massively useful way to test the waters for what’s important to your clients and what you can do for them to make your relationship more rewarding. An event can be your market research, your focus group, your showcase, and your personal development tool all in one.

The logistics needn’t be complicated whether you handle all the arrangements in house or you get some specialist assistance. Most venues have help on hand if you need it. If you’re staging something in-house, and think you’d like someone to roll out the bunting and manage the show, there are organisers and companies out there who take everything off your hands. Whatever you decide to do, we’ll be on hand to make sure you account for all your expenditure, and get the best tax relief from your capital and time investment.

You’ll find that hosting events can be great for your team too - giving them all a front-line role in promoting your business. It’s a time to showcase their talents and expertise, and getting some recognition in front of your clients. You may well find some budding stars who just can’t wait to get out in front of an audience.

So here are some obvious pointers to tick off every time to guarantee a successful business event.

No matter what venue you choose, make sure it’s appropriate. If you’re hosting a seminar for your top ten chief-executive clients, then the boardroom or a private dining room is probably going to get a better response than the corner of your favourite gastro-pub.

Presentations don’t just happen, so if you really have to fire up the projector, make sure you’re well rehearsed, and stage managed too. Get your own team to be your critics. Being savage is good. The same goes for all the speeches. The fewer and shorter the better.

Everyone needs to be where they have to be and know what they have to do. Make sure every guest gets some time with your team. If there are five of you and 25 guests, it’s an easy task to make sure you all speak to at least five people.

The more inventive your event, the more likely you’ll get a positive response. However, strike a balance between unusual and engaging. Trying to get your message over about your excellent accounting and tax knowledge while unicycling might not work, but a cybercrime prevention seminar hosted by a digital security specialist might just hit the spot.

It’s a good idea to keep the momentum going. So, if you’re embarking on a programme of events, mix it up. Make some formal, and make some fun. Host some in-house and some at outside venues. It all helps to broaden the appeal and bring in your target market. Don’t forget that events are a great way to pick up on what your clients want. So listen as much as talk.

If meetings, events, seminars and conferences all sound a bit daunting, just remember to start from where you’re comfortable. Two’s company, three’s a crowd, but anything from four upwards is an audience. So, no matter how intimate or expansive your starting point, whether it’s a coffee morning or a conference centre, a little forward planning will turn your event into a marketing success.

Now, take the stage, and let the light shine on you and your business.

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