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Fringe Benefits

08 June 2017

What’s on offer to make work worthwhile? Fringe benefits aren’t necessarily about the delights of the Edinburgh Festival, but if you have some ideas about rewarding your hard working team, you’re already reading the right script for staging a happy cast.

Excellent salary plus benefits. If those words don’t get the blood racing, check for a pulse. As they usually hit the spot with most people attracting all the best people to the best jobs.

Putting money in the pay packet makes the world go round, and that’s the bottom line. (although these days fewer businesses have pay packets, just a salary slip and a direct transfer of cash to your bank account – no physical cash in sight!).

Keeping wages healthy keeps the shop floor a happy place and, as long as it’s financially responsible, the board room is a happy place too. Putting a price tag on salaries makes sense.

However, although it may be the cash that gets us in the door, it’s the environment and the people we work with that keeps us happy between paydays. Just like Jessie J sang, it isn’t all about the money, money, money.

Billiards and bouncy castles in the boardroom may be asking a bit much. We can’t all work for a search engine goliath, but we all like the concept of a little light relief in the workplace. Whether it’s free coffee and tea, free car parking, flexible working hours, memorable all expenses paid staff night outs, a weekly head massage, or a choice of ergonomically designed workstations with Scandinavian levels of health benefits, you can take your pick from an ever-lengthening list of ways to make actually coming to work a more pleasurable experience.

We benefitted from a few smiles when we checked out Google’s new London HQ plans. This takes fringe environmental benefits to a whole new level. If you google opulent headquarters, almost certainly first up will be Google’s own projections for Kings Cross. From strawberry fields on the roof, a swimming pool in the basement and a 90m running track, it’s like they did a search for perks and recreation, and implemented the first twenty pages. Refreshment and relaxation seem to be as high on the agenda as work and industry. The spec almost certainly includes billiards and bouncy castles. It’ll even be handy for Waitrose up the canal and the train just down the road, in case anyone ever wants to leave.

Whether you are the boss, laying on the added extras, or the worker taking advantage of the benefits package, the fun loving folks at Springfords will keep you right on what’s what with the tax on any benefits in kind. We’ll make sure that the tax obligations of any work related benefits don’t impact on that excellent salary, or take the air out of the bouncy castle either.


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