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10 July 2017

Choose your location wisely. With city centre office rents on an ever upward trajectory, and some urban locations suffering a siege of unavailability and inaccessibility, it’s time to think again about the best route to your business roots.

From the leafy suburban surroundings of our head office, the team here at Springfords occasionally take our collective screen break to ponder the gardens, the local cafe, or just to think about how nice it is to have client meetings, not punctuated by concerns over parking meters.

It’s rather the same at our Falkirk and Livingston locations too, where getting to the office is a rather more relaxed run against the commuter flow, and whether by private or public transport, arrival is less likely to be against the clock.

We’ve found that de-stressed on arrival makes for a better client experience all round. Who could argue with the relaxed start to your meeting by stepping off the train or bus, just a few minutes from our front door, or parking where the only meter is the one for plugging in your hybrid.

Being where your clients want to be should always be your prime motivation when choosing a prime location. Take everything else into consideration and it doesn’t just come down to the cost of the monthly rentals. Look beyond the numbers, and consider working environment, staff welfare and overall productivity.

Sky high rents often mean sky-high charge out rates for services rendered. The view from that corner office might not be so rosy for clients, when the most prominent landmark is the bottom line on the client bill that pays for surveying all that expensively leased horizon.

For hard pressed executives in the city centre, it’s a rare but productive treat to escape to an edge of town getaway. If that’s you, maybe it’s worthwhile thinking about how much more productive it might be to switch priorities, and relocate to that edge of town base, with the occasional trip into the city centre, made all the less frustrating.

Springfords portfolio of locations and premises range from a leafy located characterful Victorian property, to clean-lined stylish modern offices on the outskirts of town, all sharing the advantages of relaxed surroundings, top-notch connectivity and easy parking - all the things our clients and team appreciate. Also, being accountants with an eye on our own bottom line as well, all our premises represent excellent value. So, when we talk to you about just where you do business, we’ve a street-full of experience in our own choices too.

We recently read, with ever-widening eyes, about the cost of city centre office accommodation. In the grand facades of Edinburgh, where once almost all the Georgian New Town was the eighteenth-century equivalent of working from home, we read that restored buildings are now almost as expensive as new build properties. Though the price of neither is in the category of sweeties, there’s hardly a chocolate bar of difference in price between the two. The suburbs are much more affordable, and still easy to get to by road or rail. (Incidentally, the eighteenth century was, we believe, the last time you could park in central Edinburgh without having your carriage towed away after ten seconds).

Whether large or small, new or refurbished, city centre or out in the suburbs, think carefully about the best office for you. A view across the rooftops or a farmland fresco? Springfords will always be able to help with assessing the costs of your choices and what matters to your customers.

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Some news, views and comments about everything and anything, relevant and irreverent.

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