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A Chris Evans On Your Payroll

31 July 2017
Card and contactless payments on the increase

Whether you’re paying a king’s ransom to a famous ageing DJ, or you are more realistic about how you remunerate your team, it’s never a bad time to take stock of staff costs.

Who Do You Think You Are Paying, as Nicky Campbell might ask, when the BBC were forced to reveal how much they pay their top earners in what may well turn out to be the shortest mass-resignation note in history.

Not many of us will have to share Mr Campbell’s indignation at being outed for earning over £450,000; along with his Five Live colleague Stephen Nolan; the “on-everything” presenter Andrew Marr; Match of the Day and former professional footballer Alan Shearer; and The One Show’s Alex Jones, the only woman in that elevated pay bracket. However, Nicky’s employers, like every other employer, needs to think about the whole package they present to their presenters, by way of their total remuneration.

With the public service broadcaster compelled to name the names on the pay packets of the rich and famous, now might be a good time to think about salaries, what you pay, how you pay, and what rewards and perks are included in the package you deliver to your team to keep them on your channel. Springfords can help you stay on top of payroll, salary, perks and share option schemes.

Might that cab to Broadcasting House for Campbell, the genial genealogy presenter, be considered a perk or a necessity, in order to be on air for the Breakfast Show? Would it be the same story if the show was going on-air at lunchtime? Just how many cups of coffee represent a necessary perk me up, before they become a perk to chalk up? Does a personal pair of headphones constitute a tool of the trade for a radio star, or a bit of a lug hole luxury in kind?

They’re not the sort of questions that come up too often on David Dimbleby’s programme, but for Any Answers required, our panel is always ready.

Pay scales and pay parity are always issues for individual companies, but the rules about overall remuneration are as difficult to comprehend as an Adrian Chiles train of thought, or his accent. A case in point is that many of the expected names in that now notorious BBC list are not there at all. Common reasons for this may be individuals performing multiple roles on multiple contracts, rather in the fashion of George ‘Six Jobs’ Osborne; or simply being employed on a freelance arrangement. Some well known broadcasters avoided being named and salaried by owning their own production companies, so their relationship is as a contracted business, rather than a salaried individual.

All these situations have equivalents outwith broadcasting - or what we usually call “the real world”. However, there are very strict rules over the taxation designation of employee and freelancer and all the rest. If you’ve never heard of IR35, then Have We Got News For You.

Long before the closing credits roll on the tax year, we’d be happy to do a one to one interview with you. Our style is more One Show than World at One, and we’re much more pleasant than facing the taxman’s Paxman. You might be a stupendously well-paid DJ, or well below the arbitrary pay threshold, but no matter what your circumstances, Springfords will make you word perfect before your tax affairs go live. You may never have to broadcast them to the nation, but your select audience at HMRC will be completely satisfied with your performance.

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