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Queenferry Crossing Your Palm With Silver

01 September 2017

Bridging the gap between capacity and congestion, the world beating new Queensferry Crossing offers more than a rapid route between the Capital of Scotland and the Kingdom of Fife. Projects like this can provide your business with a fixed link to new market opportunities, so long as you have a head for the heights of ambition.

After tens of thousands had taken advantage of the pre-opening opportunity to walk the 2700 meters of the most impressive cable stayed bridge in the world, Her Majesty the Queen officially cut the tape on the new Queensferry Crossing on 4 September, the anniversary of the ceremony on the adjacent structure.

The link, which will take the pressure off the ageing 53-year-old Forth Road Bridge, may not have footpaths, nor the long-forgotten proposed tram lanes, but it does have all the potential in the world for an infrastructure-delivered economic boost, visible far beyond the eye-catching triple towers.

Already, there have been announcements for development on the north shore, with plans for a £250m scheme to turn 120 acres of land on the edge of Rosyth into a retail, commercial and industrial park. From fast food to fast logistics, with a hotel and offices for good measure, the waterfront development, dubbed Queensferry One, is the most visible opportunity for new businesses to get established, within sight of the bridge deck.

As glamourous projects go, this new Forth road bridge is certainly up there with the best. Maximum use has been made of the publicity opportunities to bring the eyes of the world on to Scotland’s East Coast. At around £1.35bn, it could be called the most expensive public relations exercise in history, unless the PR department has done some proper accounting, and shared the cost with all the other departments, who might just have some use for the bridge after the fanfare has faded away. Good legacy planning, something else we’d encourage.

Properly attributing all the costs, according to all the benefits accrued, is not the sort of thing to worry about at the end of the day. Springfords will look into all that long before you start thinking about taking advantage of any major project like the Queensferry Crossing.

Infrastructure developments are not all as proudly visible as the triple towers spanning the River Forth, but they can be just as effective at taking your business to new heights.

A couple of years ago, the Borders Railway opened up new markets in the south of Scotland, encouraging businesses to establish up and down the route. Prospects of further extension have businesses in Hawick and further south already discussing the possibilities for extending their own operations.

Any infrastructure or development that opens new markets, or improves your ability to do business, should be in your future business planning. Springfords of course keeps an ear to the ground for developments in the taxation infrastructure, which can be just as useful as a new bridge - if not quite so exciting. Well, someone’s got to do it and just be glad it’s us.

You should be vigilant for developments too. Things that might make it easier for you or your competitors to attract new business, and things that might make your trading conditions more challenging. Whatever you find to be on your horizons, it’s always good to get in touch with the forward thinking folks at Springfords. We may not often wear our hard hats around the office, but when it comes to crossing the gap between you and your successful future, you’ll find Springfords to be skilled bridge builders.

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