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Steve Jobs for the Boys Toys

27 September 2017

Hi-tech means high-price. The founder may have passed away, but with a four-figure price tag on the latest iPhones now a reality, is smart still so clever when it comes to business technology?

It can only be a matter of time before the other players in the mobile game follow suit, and throw down a device that has all the bells and whistles, probably including actual bells and a whistle, for a price tag in excess of one thousand pounds.

Never mind that the Apollo missions went to the Moon on less computing power than the average smartphone. The average moon shot now costs less than the upfront fee on one too.

From your edge to edge, super-plasma display, face-voice-fingerprint recognition, multiple-security-measures mobile, you can WhatsApp, WheresApp, WhysApp, or even use quaint old email to FaceTime, EarTime, or TeleportationTime your conversation. If you can remember our number (0131 440 5000) you could even use your phone to actually phone - once you’ve done the training course at the Apple, Pear, BlueBerry, CitrusFruitOfYourChoice store.

The average smartphone owner uses about 12% of their device’s computing capacity, and about 112% of its storage capacity - of which most is taken up by high-resolution pictures of cats behaving like babies, and pictures of babies behaving like cats. These statistics, like most of the data stored on mobile phones, are made up - but the point remains: are your business communications hitting a 4G of costs, and roaming all over your budget spreadsheet? Is it time to press Button B and stop shelling out for the privilege of getting an ever-increasingly expensive message into the shell-like of your business team?

The answer of course lies somewhere between the two. At Springfords, we always look for the optimum, between expense and investment. That’s why it’s good to talk to us, before making any long-term decisions about business expenditure.

If tech-bling is more than just a fashion accessory for your business, the investment in your credibility may be worthwhile. If all you’re in is an arms race to 'keep up with the businesses Jones’s’, it could be time to think again about how you invest your time, effort and cash - especially when you take into account the inevitable need to maintain, repair and replace. Those running costs are a vital part of your business planning, and if upgrading a fleet of mobile phones isn’t something you bargained for, that could be an unpleasant surprise.

Remember, if you're sending your team out on the streets with four-figure mobile phones on their person, you really ought to think about their safety, to make sure they don’t come to any harm - and nor do the team.

We don’t do Springfords mobile phones, but we do help you keep an eye on the costs. If what you need is to be in touch with your team, and not in the face of your consumers, then maybe something with less capabilities than the Tardis could be a better bet. When the timelords of technology get up on stage to announce their latest piece of mind-blowing kit, don’t get mindblown too quickly. Like all your business costs, be clever when it comes to smartphones.

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