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Trump Your Vote

04 October 2017

You don’t need to be Alice Cooper to get elected. You don’t even need to run for office to talk to the corridors of power. It might just be worthwhile exercising your right to representation.

Business people who get to know their elected representatives at all levels are better informed, better connected, and better placed when it comes to legislation and policy developments affecting their neighbourhood, business, profession, and life. They are better placed to respond to changes, able to plan for the future, and are better informed overall. All that and not to mention a better connected and higher profile as well. It’s a vote for yourself to get to know your parliamentarians.

Springfords won’t lobby for your vote, unless you’re seeking to join our accounting party, but we will help you keep abreast of the costs and benefits of any changes our elected representatives may make that affect your own business manifesto.

There’s a chill in the air and, even though it’s not Christmas already, the politically active already think ‘tis the season to be jolly’. September marks the start of the conference season; the round of set-piece showcases, when the political elite mingle with the active electorate, and indulge in a few days of adoration that would make even the most egotistical rock stars blush with hubris.

If you want to get in front of your elected representatives, or the representatives you’d like to see elected, then taking a corporate stand at a conference is the top end of political engagement. Mounting an exhibition at a party conference is usually something that can be put down to your marketing budget – you’ll need a big one.

However, away from the bustle of the conferences, you’ll find bustling local councillors amiable to the prospect of visiting business in the community. Their remit is undeniably local, and with many councillors, particularly in Scotland, representing ‘multi-member wards’ you’ll likely find someone already elected who has an interest in your business, who offers to visit. A reciprocal offer of expert opinion - if ever needed - is never likely to be turned down.

Similarly with devolved and central government, you’ll find your local elected member eager to be acquainted. If you’re looking for some publicity, they’re never too hard to persuade along for an opening, a hand shake, and a quick photo-opportunity with hard working constituents like yourselves. No matter what side of the house they may choose to sit, you’ll rarely find a politician who doesn’t have a good side for the camera.

A quick online search will connect you with any elected politician in the UK, and there are whole books dedicated to guiding you through the corridors of power, including CP Snow’s celebrated novel. Just don’t expect the conversation to be one-way. You’ll just as likely be engaged in debate as you are to start one.

We don’t do politics at Springfords, but we do keep a close watch on what politics can do for you. Whether it’s new legislation that will affect the way you do business, or a local initiative that could prove useful to know where you stand, we’ll make sure you’re not on the back benches if you raise a question in our house. Being better informed is the best way to plan for the future, and planning is the best way to make your business strong and healthy. So, elect to make a date with your accountable representatives and say hello. Can we count on your vote?

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