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How To Get Unlimited Leave

06 November 2017

Let’s perk up your workplace with a modern approach to fringe benefits, recognition and reward. Model employees take note, it’s time to make your manager Boss of the Month.

Would you relocate to rural Lincolnshire, to work in a high-tech, locked-down laboratory in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest shops in the next county? Maybe, but there would have to be a few good reasons beyond the money - and there are, if you work for Mars Pet Care.

Waltham Laboratories is a fab place for animal lovers, except that most animal lovers love their animals. So Mars Pet Care said no problem, bring you furry friend to work, and they even adapted the offices to accommodate four-legged employees. Well, anything up to a Doberman - ponies can be grazed in the adjacent paddock.

Don’t feel left out, feline fanciers. There’s a meeting room and open office space that’s home to half a dozen affectionate cats. You can take your lap top there, anytime you feel the need to purrfect your spreadsheet in the company of the house moggies. You can Google this for confirmation; the internet search giant also welcomes pets to work.

According to recent research from the BBC and the University of Central Lancashire.- perks are the new pay. Although we suspect pay is still the new pay and quite important, for everyone from millennials to near-retirees.

Of course, we’re here for the love of it at Springfords, so we’ll help you account for any perks that might make the taxman perk up and take note - it’s not just your salary that HMRC like to tax! Whatever perks you are thinking of offering in your workplace, we’ll see that you get the maximum tax benefit.

Back at the pet laboratory, the team, understandably, never want to leave, thereby fulfilling every boss’s dream of unlimited presenteeism and outstanding productivity.

Some employers though seem more than happy never to see their workers at all. Some parts of the Virgin Group, the movie service Netflix, and the networking website LinkedIn, all offer unlimited leave as a perk of the job.

Some organisations even pay for staff holidays as incentives for loyalty or meeting sales targets. It would hardly be a surprise to learn that Air BnB offers this perk, and Midlands-based recruiter Macildowie rewards its high-flyers in this way.

Younger workers might crave bean bags and bags of coffee beans, freshly ground; older workers would be happier with compulsory naps; branded slippers; and Capital replaced by Classic FM on the factory sound system.

However you perk up your package to convince your team that staying with you is the right choice for their liberally holidayed, pet accompanied career future, Springfords can offer you the perk of a fully tax efficient package of your own.

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