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17 Nov 2017Start Up Millennials and Judas Priest Reborn

Start Up Millennials and Judas Priest Reborn

Steady job, steady income? For the cohorts of new entrants into the workplace market, there’s a popular belief that the last thing they want is a nine to five with a nice pension plan. Well, let’s step back from ... (more)

06 Nov 2017How To Get Unlimited Leave

How To Get Unlimited Leave

Let’s perk up your workplace with a modern approach to fringe benefits, recognition and reward. Model employees take note, it’s time to make your manager Boss of the Month. Would you relocate to rural Lincolnshire, to work in a ... (more)

06 Oct 2017Work Space, Coffee space, Your Own Space?

Work Space, Coffee space, Your Own Space?

Views, space and social interaction. Three things that make the open plan office a potential closed shop for productivity. With Britain habitually cited as the lazy bones of the world, has the backlash started? Is the answer to ... (more)

06 Oct 2017Take Me to the Clouds Above

Take Me to the Clouds Above

Cloud computing may not be in the sky nor is it a cloud, but commentators say the industry will be worth £300bn by 2019. There’s nothing fluffy about the revolution in using on line accounting software. We dream to ... (more)

04 Oct 2017Trump Your Vote

Trump Your Vote

You don’t need to be Alice Cooper to get elected. You don’t even need to run for office to talk to the corridors of power. It might just be worthwhile exercising your right to representation. Business people who get ... (more)

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